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Deepak Ram
Live In France DVD . MZADV 014 M.E.L.T.
1. Chapter 1 - Raga Durga
2. Chapter 2 - Raga Darbari
3. Chapter 3 - Raga Sarasvati

Deepak Ram, master Bansuri flute player was born in South Africa an is globally for his evocative performances in traditional North Indian Classical Music. The recording of 3 traditional Indian ragas on this DVD, recorded 1997 in Nantes France during the Fin de Siecle Festival presenting over 300 artists from South Africa is a demonstartion of the country's rich cultural diversity. Deepak has performed in the United States of America (where he is currently based), South Africa, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Austria, Germany, Lebanon, Turkey and Holland and had the honor of accompanying his teacher, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, in Geneva, London and Paris.
Deepak began his formal training in bansuri and tabla under Sri Jeram Bhana in South Africa in 1975. Two years later he was off to Mumbai, India to study flute under the late Sri Suryakant Limaye (India's master flute maker); he simultaneously spent a short time under flautist, Pandit Vijay Raghav Rao. Deepak earned a Masters degree in Music (MMus) from Rhodes University, South Africa, in 1996 for his thesis, Exploring syncretism between Indian and western music through composition. Deepak's versatility is apparent in his numerous collaborations with musicians of various genres. including jazz pianists Darius Brubeck and Bheki Mseleku, Tunisian born Dhafer Yousseff and the popular South African band Tananas.
Deepak has six solo albums o his credit of which "Flute for Thought" and" Waiting for Satyam" were recorded for MELT 2000 and tracks from these alums made him famoous through the insertion in to the BUDDHA BAR collection. As a session musician he can be heard on over twenty five albums and also on movie soundtracks, such as The Fast And The Furious, Matrix Revolutions, India, Kingdom of the Tiger and Stealth. In 2000 Deepak was awarded Best Instrumental Album at the South African Music Awards for his album Searching for Satyam. His previous album Flute for Thought also saw him being nominated for Best Male Artist and Best Instrumental Album in the 1999 South African Music Awards. Both these albums feature Deepak's compositions and

Searching For Satyam ..... BWSA 2137 M.E.L.T.
1. Kalbadevi Road
2. Ganesha
3. Upon A White Lotus
4. Danse Pour Kooksie Aux Ben
5. Searching For Satyam
6. Minavivek
7. Tandev
8. Lullaby For Krupa
9. Space-Time
10. Memories Of Kiron

A master of the Bansuri flute, Deepak's project is a musical exploration of traditional Indian sounds mixed with contemporary western influences. Born in South Africa, Deepak made his first journey to India at the age of 17. In a country which has a rich culture, Deepak soon found himself the disciple of flautist Pandit Chaurasia. Another great influence was flute maker Shri Suryakant Limaye who when he died left his flute collection to Deepak. All these instruments have a history and are made with master craftmanship.
'Searching For Satyam', blends Deepak's classical Indian flute playing with funky jazz, flamenco guitar, tabla and bass to produce an elegant example of musical syncretism. Highly acoustic and improvisational, the album was awarded a SAMA (South African Music Awards) in 2000 for 'Best Instrumental Album'.

Flute For Thought .............................. 1999

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