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David Abbate
All The Best ..................... F1000211 2004 BOWLINE/CAPE TOWN SOUND
1. Touch The Stars
2. Rising Sun
3. The One
4. Life Without You
5. Do U Remember
6. When I'm Gone
7. Hold On My Heart
8. I'm Yours
9. Teacher
10. I'm In Love
11. I'll Be Your Light
12. When I'm With You
13. Charlie
14. Fly Away With Me
15. Threw Away Love
16. One More Chance
17. Everlasting Love
18. While You Sleep

Crush ............................... F1000148 2003 BOWLINE/CAPE TOWN SOUND
1. Crush
2. Miracle
3. Someday
4. I've Already Been Here
5. For All That's Right
6. It Could Have Been
7. I'll Be There
8. In Your Eyes
9. Fallen For Her
10. Take Me Away
11. Life Is Calling

One of South Africa's top singer / songwriters, David Abbate has released his fourth solo album titled 'Crush'. To his list of credits, David Abbate has performed live to over 100 countries, in television shows like Miss World, Miss South Africa & Supermodel, and recorded with top musicians on numerous albums. His South African success includes four number 1 songs, Best Male Vocalist award at the SA National Awards and the 'Ithuba' songwriting award. The album comprises of songs with compelling lyrics set to memorable melodies - a blend of acoustic sounds, moving lyrics and powerful vocals.

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