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Crazy Otto
Africa LP ............................ LPHM 84506 POLYDOR
Side One:
1. Sarie Marais (Trad. Arr. Schulz, Reichel)
2. My Melancholy Baby (Norton-Burnett-Watson)
3. Daar's 'n Hoender (Trad. Arr. Schulz, Reichel)
... Graskop Polka (N. Carstens)
4. Rose Of Washington Square (McDonald-Hanley
5. O Brandewyn Laat My Staan (Trad. Arr. Schulz, Reichel)
... Jan Pierewiet (Trad. Arr. Schulz, Reichel)
6. Shine (Mack-Brown-Dabney)
7. Daar Lê Die Ding (Trad. Arr. Schulz, Reichel)
... Vat Jou Goed En Trek (Trad. Arr. Schulz, Reichel)
8. Smiles (Callahan-Roberts)
Side Two:
1. In The Mood (Garland-Razaf)
2. January, February, March (Trad. Arr. Schulz, Reichel)
... Bokkie (Trad. Arr. Schulz, Reichel)
3. Paddlin' Madelin' (H. Woods)
4. Suiker Bossie (Trad. Arr. Schulz, Reichel)
... Perdeby (Trad. Arr. Schulz, Reichel)
5. Glad Rag Doll (Yellen-Ager-Daugherty)
6. Boegoeberg Se Dam (Trad. Arr. Schulz, Reichel)
7. Lights Out (Hill)
8. Daar Kom Die Alibama (Trad. Arr. Schulz, Reichel)

"The Man With The Off-Beat Piano",
Crazy Otto means wit, refinement, inspiration, technical perfection, and swinging rhythm... he serves up old tunes in catchy new style, and new tunes in intriguingly novel fashion. He builds his brilliant fireworks of sparkling piano improvisations on the accompaniment usually of just a rhythm group, in a style which is a gas to just hear, and perfect for dancing.
Known principally in the Anglo-Saxon countries as Crazy Otto only, this German-born pianist has another, a more serious and equally talented side: he is an accomplished concert pianist, and pursues this career as Frits Schulz-Reichel hand in hand with the "Otto image".
His musical rise to fame actually began before the second world war. Fritz (as most people call him) began playing the piano at the age of six. When he decided to exchange the classics for light music, he became the idol of Berlin and was heard in the top clubs. He played with Germany's famous bands, and accompanied such international stars as Rosita Serrano. When he went to Paris and played with Django Reinhardt and Fud Candrix, he was elected an honorary member of the "Hot Club de France" because of his brilliant improvisations.
In 1953 he began to experiment with musical sounds. He invented the now famous "Tipsy Wire Box", which creates the effect of an off-tune piano in an off-beat Beer Hall. At all events, the sound as well as the style of Crazy Otto caught on - his brilliant, captivating improvisations and kinky sound made him the rage of Berlin, soon a hit in Paris, and eventually a sensation in America and many other parts of the world. He has many imitators, but nobody has been able to match either his tone or his technique! - omslag

Crazy Otto's Hitparade LP . 2371 120 1971 POLYDOR
El Condor Pasa; Gruezi Wohl Frau Stirnimaa; Dann Schon Eher Der Piano
Ich Nehme Alle Hurden; Pauker Gehen In Der Luft; So Eine Liebe Gibt
Up Around The Bend; Venus
Cecilia; Mendocino; All Kinds Of Everything
The Happy Piano Tuner; In The Summertime; Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
Sugar Sugar; Candida; Die Maschen Der Madchen
Klaviersonate C Dur; Yellow River; Otto's Rag
Oh Wann Kommst Du; Raindrops Keep Fallin On My Head
Ra Ta Ta; Das Schone Madchen; Er Hat Ein Knallrotes Gummiboot

Rides Again LP ............... 46014 LPHM POLYDOR

25 Years 2LP ..................................... 1980 POLYDOR

Dance To The Big Beat LP ................... POLYDOR

Crazy "Blotto" Otto
Oldtimers LP ..................... 45 512 LPH POLYDOR

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