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Cliff Jones
Hooked On Honky Tonk TC/LP . MMTC 1338/TRC 3208 1985 MAGIC MUSIC/PLUM
- 40 Party Greats -
Side 1:
1. I Want To Be Happy
2. Chinatown, My Chinatown
3. You Are My Lucky Star
4. I'm Just Wild About Harry
5. On The Crest Of A Wave
6. Crazy Otto Rag
7. Heartbreaker
8. Pasadena
9. Who's Sorry Now
10. Unforgettable
11. September In The Rain
12. Embraceable You
13. Love Walking In
14. San Francisco
15. You'll Never Know
16. Personality
17. Buona Serra
18. Walk Right Back
19. Hasta Manana
20. Tie A Yellow Ribbon
Side 2:
1. Rock Around The Clock
2. Green Door
3. See You Later Alligator
4. Goody Goody
5. Sleepy Lagoon
6. Deep In My Heart
7. No One But You
8. Monterey (It Happened In)
9. Am I Wasting My Time
10. Love Will Find A Way
11. Six Foot Two
12. This Old House
13. Button Up Your Overcoat
14. Me And My Shadow
15. Coming Round The Mountain
16. Pack Up Your Troubles
17. Ferry Boat Inn
18. Carolina
19. Six Foot Two

Drums: Basil Roe
Bass: Loutjie se Jager
Recording Engineer: Rickard Black and Graham Merrill

Hooked On Honky Tonk LP .............. 1982 PLUM
- 40 Golden Melodies

Let's Dance LP ............... MMT 1042 1980 MAGIC MUSIC
Side 1:
1. Quickstep
(a) I Like A Nice Cup Of Tea In The Morning
(b) I'm Getting Married In The Morning
2. Slow Foxtrot
(a) Twilight Time
(b) Kiss Me Once And Kiss Me Twice
3. Samba
(a) I Love You And Don't You Forget It
4. Slow Foxtrot
(1) (If You Loved Me) Half As Much As I Loved You
(b) Play A Simple Melody
5. Waltz
(a) Girl Of My Dreams
(b) Maria Elena
6. Quickstep
(a) Near You
(b) S'wonderful
Side 2:
1. Slow Foxtrot
(a) Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
(b) Till The Lights Of London Shine Again
2. Quickstep
(a) Linger Awhile
(b) You Can't Break My Heart It's Been Broken Before
3. Waltz
(a) Golden Days
(b) Wonderful One
4. Rhumba
(a) Amor, Amor
(b) Spanish Eyes
5. Slow Foxtrot
(a) My Broken Souvenirs
6. Quickstep
(a) You Were Meant For Me
(b) Way Down Yonder In New Orleans

Greatest Hits LP ................................ 1978 PLUM/MAGIC MUSIC
Side One:
1. Tiger Rag
2. Old Fashioned Rag
3a. On The Sunny Side Of The Street
. .b. I'm Alone Because I Love You
4a. Chicago
. .b. Avalon
5a. On A Slow Boat To China
. .b. Pretty Baby
. .c. Stars Fell On Alabama
6. Bye Bye Blues
Side Two:
1. Darktown Strutters Ball
2. St. Louis Blues
3a. Heartaches
. .b. Heart Of My Heart
4. Sheik Of Araby
5a. Mammy
. .b. April Showers
. .c. Rock A Bye Your Baby
6. After You've Gone

Honky Tonk 'Paul' Jones LP . MVC 3707 1976 MvN
Side 1:
1. Quickstep:
There's A Blue Ridge 'Round My Heart, Virginia (Bryan/Phillips/Shuster}
Don't Dilly Dally On The Way (Collin/Leigh)
2. Slow Fox Trot:
Careless Hands (Hilliard/Sigman)
Games That Lovers Play (Last/Kusik/Snyder/Loose)
3. Paul Jones:
Let Me Call You Sweetheart (Whitwn/Friedman)
Please (Blackley)
I'm Gonna Hang Out My Washing On The Ziegfried Line (Kennedy/Carr)
4. Waltz:
I'm In Love With Two Sweethearts (Cox/Ilda)
Tears (Uhr/Capamo)
5. Cha Cha:
Wheels (Petty/Grace)
Kiss Me Honey, Honey (Timothy/Julian}
6. Quickstep:
I'm Nobody's Baby (Davis/Ager/Santly)
Mountain Greenery (Rogers/Hart)
Side 2:
1. Quickstep
I Love Paris (Porter}
Brown Eyes Why Are You Blue (Bryan/Meyer)
2. Waltz:
Kiss Me Again (Herbert/Blossom)
Mexicali Rose (Stone/Tenney)
3. Palais Glide:
Side By Side (Woods)
Hometown (Kennedy/Curr)
Show Me The Way To Go Home (King)
4. Quickstep:
Me And My Shadow (Rose/Jolson/Dreyer)
Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag (Asaf/Powell)
Don't Bring Lulu (Rose/Brown/Henderson)
5. Slow Fox Trot:
A Little On The Lonely Side (Robertson/Cavannaugh/Weldon)
Dancing With My Shadow (Woods)
6. Waltz:
Auld Lang Syne (Trad.)

Guitar: Gerry Bosman
Drums: Cecil Ricca
Bass: Mo Robinson

Produced By Gerry Bosman
Repertoire By Cliff Jones
Recorded By Tully Mccully - Spaced Out Sound Studios

Let's Have Another Honky Tonk Party LP . 1973 MvN
Side One:
1a. Blue Room
...b. Nice People
2a. As Time Goes By
...b. Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
3. Blue Danube Waltz
4a. Whispering
...b. Angry
5a. ...
...b. Oh! You Beautiful Doll
6. Tico Tico
Side Two:
1a. Me And My Gal
...b. The Best Things In Life Are Free
2a. It Had To Be You
...b. The Birth Of The Blues
3a. Anything Goes
...b. Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend
4. The Glory Of Love
5a. Fascinating Rhythm
...b. I Got Rhythm
6a. Paperdoll
...b. Someday

Plays Jim Reeves Favourites LP . MVC 3691 1972 MvN
Side One:
1. Don't Let Me Cross Over; But You Love Me Daddy
2. Welcome To My World
3. Nobody's Fool
4. He'll Have To Go; Adios Amigo
5. Pride Goes Before A Fall; Could I Be Falling In Love
6. Across The Bridge; A Stranger's Just A Friend
Side Two:
1. A Fool Such As I; Am I Losing You
2. Four Walls; I Won't Forget You
3. In A Mansion Stands My Love; A Letter Edged In Black
4. Guilty; Dark Moon
5. Stand At Your Window; I Grew Up
6. Am I That Easy To Forget

The Cliff Jones Trio
32 Toe Tappers LP ........ MVC 3690 1972 MvN
Side One:
1. My Sweet Gypsy Rose; Rose Of Washington Square
2. Pennies From Heaven; Cry
3. Mr. Sandman; Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella
4. Gold And Silver Waltz
5. Shine On Harvest Moon; By The Light Of The Silvery Moon; Down Among The Sheltering Palms
6. Charleston; I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight; Black Bottom
Side Two:
1.Top Hat, White Tie & Tails; Stumbling
2. Red Roses For A Blue Lady; Trudy; Nevertheless, I'm In Love With You
3. If You Knew Suzie; Yes Sir, That's My Baby; How You Gonna Keep Them Down On The Farm; Miss Annabella Lee
4. Sympathy Waltz; Melody Of Love
5. You Wanted Someone To Play With
6. At Sundown; Shine; California Here I Come; Toot Toot Tootsie

Produced And Arranged By Cliff Jones

Cliff Jones with the Gerry Bosman Orchestra
A Little Bit Of Ragtime LP . MVC 3621 1972 MvN
Side One:
1. Black And White Rag
2. The Entertainer
3. Anniversary Waltz / Cuban Love Song
4. Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'round The Ole Oak Tree
5. Tender Is The Night / You Are My Everything
6. Oh Johnny / Baby Face
Side Two:
1. Alabama Jubilee / Ivory Rag
2. Walking My Baby Back Home / The Gypsy
3. Missouri Waltz
4. Good Morning / Painting The Clouds With Sunshine / Everywhere You Go
5. Sunrise Serenade / Gladrag Doll
6. Temptation Rag

Produced: Gerry Bosman
Repertoire: Wally Webb
Recorded by Tully Mccully

Mouldy Old Dough LP ......... MVC 3551 MvN
Side One:
1. Hello-A
2. Mouldy Old Dough
3. Sweet Maria
4. Cheryl Mona Marie
5. Sunshine Lover
6. Beautiful Sunday
Side Two:
1. Popcorn
2. Butterfly
3. I Need Someone
4. It's Too Late
5. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
6. Cabaret

Introduces The "Kings Of Dixieland" LP . MVC 3548 1972 MvN
1. Muskrat Ramble*
2. Hold Me; Makin' Whoopee**
3. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone*
4. True Love; If I Had My Way**
5. Pasadena*
6. Second-Hand Rose**
Side 2:
1. That's A Plenty*
2. Piano Roll Blues**
3. Basin Street Blues*
4. Lover Come Back To Me**
5. Ballin' The Jack*
6. Anniversary Song**

* Cliff Jones And The Kings Of Dixieland
** Cliff Jones And The Gerry Bosman Trio
Production: Gerry Bosman / Wally Webb
Recodrded By: Gerry Karg At A.k.a. Studios

Gerry Kirkham - Trumpet
Chris van Helden - Clarinet
John Peterson - Soprano Sax
John Edge - Guitar/Banjo
Harry Dobson - Drums
Bill Cleaver - Bass

Cliff Jones is one of the big noises of the South African record scene. He's a young man who knows what he wants and has dedicated himself to getting it - A place at the top. Eleven long playing discs have established him as probably the most listened to instrumentalist produced by this country for a long, long time.
His Sarie '72 award as South Africa's best instrumentalist confirmed what most of those closely associated with him had always believed; he had reached the top.
But for Cliff Jones that was not enough. He needs to improve on his own remarkably high standard. This can often only be achieved by moving away from the set pattern of previous work. When Wally Webb, one of the back-room boys who have guided Cliff to the top, heard the "Kings of Dixieland" at their two stomping grounds in Cape Town, he decided: "This is the new sound for Cliff". The group were contacted, taken to the AKA studios in Cape Town and the disc "Cliff Jones Introduces the Kings of Dixieland" was the sensational result.
This is the disc that takes Cliff Jones beyond the top - and introduces a great new group to records. - TED PARTRIDGE - The Cape Times. - omslag

Pret Met Pip, Piet En Cliff LP . MVC 3546 1972 MvN
- Pip Freedman; Piet Pompies; Cliff Jones -
Kant Een:
1. Sousboontjies (De Waal-Carstens) - Pip Freedman en Piet Pompies
2. Kaboemielies (Pompies) - Pip Freedman en Piet Pompies
3. Piet En Johnny (Uit Die Rolprent "Die Spook van Donkergat") (Pompies) - Pip Freedman en Piet Pompies
4. Pa, Ek Wil 'n Mondfluitjie Hê (Pompies) - Piet Pompies
5. C.J. Boogie (Trad. Verw. Jones) - Cliff Jones
6. Roelandstraat (Trad. Verw. Pip Freedman) - Pip Freedman
Kant Twee:
1. There In The Old Tool Shed (Pompies) - Pip Freedman
2. Wedding Of The Painted Doll (Freed/Brown) - Cliff Jones
3. Hokaai, Hokaai! (Pompies) - Piet Pompies
4. Johnny Peters (Freedman) - Pip Freedman
5. Waar Kom Die Spoke So Skielik Vandaan? (Uit Die Rolprent "Die Spook van Donkergat") (Pompies) - Piet Pompies
6. Radio Darkest Africa (Freedman) - Pip Freedman

Plays Country Favourites Honky Tonk Style LP . MVC 3535 1972 MvN
Side One:
1. San Antonio Rose (Willis)
2a. Don't Fence Me In (Porter);
...b. I Love You Because (Payne)
3a. Tennessee Waltz (King/Stewart);
...b. Mexicali Rose (Terry/Stone)
4a. You Are My Sunshine (Davic/Mitchell);
...b. Ten Thousand Miles (Mary Rose Bruce);
...c. Wolverton Mountain (Kilgore/King)
5a. Old Faithful (Anderson);
...b. Your Cheating Heart (Williams)
6. Green Green Grass Of Home (Putman)
Side Two:
1. Wandering Star (Lerner/Loewe)
2a. I Walk The Line (Cash);
...b. Oh Lonesome (Gibson)
3. Beautiful Dreamer (Foster)
4. Dear Hearts And Gentle People (Fain/Hilliard)
5. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (Wiseman)
6. Heartaches By The Number (Howard)

Repertoire: Wally Webb
Produced By: Gerry Bosman

Mouldy Old Dough / Old Fashioned Rag 7" . MVS 375 1972 MvN
Side One:
1. Mouldy Old Dough (Woodward/Fletcher)
Side Two:
1. Old Fashioned Rag (Friedman)

Swing And Sing With Cliff Jones LP . MVC 3524 1971 MvN

Plays More Dixie LP ....... MVC 3515 1971 MvN
Side One:
1. Tiger Rag (With Dixieland Band) (Da Costa)
2. Old Fashioned Rag (With Dixieland Band) (Friedman)
3a. On The Sunny Side Of The Street (Fields/McHugh)
...b. I'm Alone Because I Love You (Schuster/Young)
4a. Chicago (Fisher)
...b. Avalon (Rose/De Sylva/Jolson)
5a. On A Slow Boat To China (Loesser)
...b. Pretty Baby (Kahn/Jackson/Van Alstyne)
...c. Stars Fell On A Alabama (Perkins/Parish)
6. Bye Bye Blues (With Dixieland Band) (Hamm/Bennet/Lown/Gray)
Side Two:
1. Dark Town Strutters' Ball (With Dixieland Band) (Brooks)
2. St. Louis Blues (With Dixieland Band) (Handy)
3a. Heartaches (Klemer/Hoffman)
...b. Heart Of My Heart (Von Tilzer)
4. Sheik Of Araby (Wheeler/Smith/Snyder)
5a. Mammy (Lewis/Young/Donaldson)
...b. April Showers (Da Costa/Wilvers)
...c. Rock A Bye You Baby (Lewis/Schwartz/Young)
6. After You've Gone (With Dixieland Band) (Creamer/Layton)

Produced By: Gerry Bosman
Repertoire By: Wally Webb
Recorded By: Johan van de Vyver

Dixieland Band
Guitar: Gerry Bosman
Bass: Danny Lewis
Drums: Eric Hammond
Trumpet: Alan Gordon
Trombone: Dave Galloway
Clarinet: Wally Hill

Double Gold 2LP ......... MVD 11202 1971 MvN

Cliff Jones En Sy Outydse Ritmeklavier LP . MVC 3510 1970 MvN
Kant Een:
1a. Daar Kom Die Wa (Traditional);
...b. Daar Kom Die Alibama (Traditional)
2. Huisie In Die Berge (Susan)
3. Blouwildebees (Carstens)
4. Groenkoringlande (Van Vuuren/De Waal)
5a. Oom Bossie Van Die Bosveld (Bosman);
...b. Kaapse Draai (Bosman)
6. Boereseun (Bosman)
Kant Twee:
1a. Bokkie (Trad. Arr. Bosman);
...b. Daar Lê Die Ding (Trad. Arr. Bosman)
2. In Die Skadu Van Ou Tafelberg (Bosman)
3. Warm Patat (Carstens)
4. Liefste Madelein (Steyn)
5a. Boegoeberg Se Dam (Trad. Arr. Bosman);
...b. Januarie, Februarie, Maart (Trad. Arr. Bosman)
6a. Vat Jou Goed En Trek Ferreira (Trad. Arr. Bosman);
...b. Daar's 'n Hoender Wat 'n Eier Nie Kan Lê (Traditional)

Produksie: Gerry Bosman en Wally Webb
Opgeneem deur Johan van der Vyver

Honky Tonk Party No 12 LP .................. MvN

Dance With Cliff Jones LP . MVC 3509 1970 MvN
- At His Honky Tonk Party No. 3

Plays For Your Honky Tonk Party LP . ORC 6058/MVC 3507 1970 WORLD RECORD CO./MvN
Side One:
1a. Five Foot Two Eyes Of Blue
. .b. Aba Daba Honey Moon
. .c. Button Up Your Overcoat
2a. A Shanty In Old Shanty Town
. .b. Far Away Places
. .c. A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet
3a. Mary's A Grand Old Name
. .b. Lily Of Laguna
. .c. You Made Me Love You
4a. Who's Sorry Now
. .b. Cuddle Up A Little Closer
. .c. For Me And My Gal
5a. Roses Of Picardy
. .b. Happy Days And Lonely Nights
. .c. Get Out And Get Under The Moon
6a. Enjoy Yourself
. .b. When You're Smiling
. .c. ...
Side Two:
1a. She Was One Of The Early Birds
. .b. Cruising Down The River
. .c. Peggy O'Neil
2a. Side By Side
. .b. Show Me The Way To Go Home
. .c. I'll See You In My Dreams
3a. Little White Lies
. .b. It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
. .c. Tip Toe Thru The Tulips
4a. Put Your Arms Around Me Honey
. .b. In The Good Old Summertime
5a. Is It True What They Say About Dixie
. .b. When You Wore A Tulip
. .c. I Want A Girl Just Like The Girl (That Married Dear Old Dad)
6a. Chattanooga Choo Choo
. .b. Goody Goody

Cliff Honky Tonk Jones LP . MVC 3506/TRL 007 1970 MvN/TROUBADOUR
Those Were The Days
Indian Lake; Simon Says; Harper Valley P.T.A.
Picking Up Pebbles; Delilah
Sun Glasses; Beach Umbrella
Groen En Goud; Weltevrede Stasie
On The Other Side; World Of Our Own; Carnival Is Over
Help Yourself; Hey Mr. Dream Maker; Sleepy Joe
Kind Of Hush; Happy Together
Last Waltz; Les Bicyclettes De Belsize
Ou Kraal Liedjie; Ou Kalaharie
Master Jack; Timothy

Cliff "Honky Tonk" Jones
Honky Tonk Party No 2 LP . MVC 3501 1970 MvN
- With A Touch Of Dixie
Side 1:
1(a) Won't You Please Come Home Bill Bailey? (2 Chorus) (Ray/Cannon)
...(b) Five Minutes More (2 Chorus) (Styne/Chan)
2(a) Shine On Harvest Moon (Bayes/Norworth)
...(b) It's Only A Paper Moon (Rose/Harburg/Arlen)
3(a) Music, Music, Music (Weiss/Baum)
...(b) The Music Goes Round And Round (With Dixieland Band) (Hodgson/Farley/Riley)
4(a) I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now (Haugh/Adams/Orion/Howard)
...(b) I'm Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Dubin/Burke)
...(c) Wyoming Lullaby (Williams)
5(a) I Can't Give You Anthing But Love (Fields/McHugh)
...(b) Some Of These Days (Brooks)
6. Alexander's Ragtime Band (With Dixieland Band) (4 Chorus)
Side 2:
1(a) Up A Lazy River (Carmichael/Ardin)
...(b) My Melancholy Baby (Norton/Watson/Burnett)
2. Sweet Georgia Brown (With Dixieland Band) (3 Chorus) (Bernie/Casey/Pinkard)
3(a) My Blue Heaven (Whiting/Watter/Donaldson)
...(b) I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter (Ahlert/Young)
4. Nobody's Sweetheart (With Dixieland Band) (4 Chorus) (Kahn/Erdman/Meyers)
5(a) Alice Blue Gown (Mccarthy/Tierney)
...(b) Ramona (Wayne/Gilbert)
...(c) Whistling Waltz (Conn)
6. 12th Street Rag (With Dixieland Band) (4 Chorus) (Bowman)

Produced By: Gerry Bosman
Repertoire Selection: Wally Webb
Recorded By: Johann van der \/yver At Manley van Niekerk Studios, Cape Town.

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