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Carol Thorns
Fireflies In The Rain ..... SEED 136 2010 SEED MUSIC
1. Puerto Entrada
2. Solace
3. Fireflies In The Rain
4. River Ouzoud
5. World To Come
6. Closer To The Sun
7. Symphony Of The Wind
8. A Thousand Hills
9. On Your Shoreline
10. Thoughts Of Winter
11. Red City

Carol Thorns SAMA nominated, groundbreaking debut album Fireflies in the Rain is an introspective and soulful exploration of different musical landscapes featuring the electric cello. Capturing the elegance of performer and instrument in a fresh and original way, this groundbreaking album incorporates aspects of World Music and Ambient Electronica, but still retains the richness of the cellos classical origins.
A Cum Laude Bachelor of Music graduate from Rhodes University in South Africa, Carol Thorns has a background in cello performance and entertainment PR. Her passion for taking electric strings into unchartered territory lead her to initiate and build popular brands such as Muse String Quartet, Sterling Electric Quartet and CODA. She has also worked with many diverse artists including Arno Carstens, Louise Carver and The Soweto String Quartet.
Her live performance is an exhilarating multi - sensory experience incorporating evocative imagery designed by acclaimed VJ (Visual Jockey) Craig Shackelton. This groundbreaking multi - media format takes traditional cello to an entirely new level and has been equally well - received locally (Elton Johns Charity Ball, Cape Town & Durban Fashion weeks, Presidents Cup etc.) and internationally. Aside from her numerous South African appearances Carol was invited to perform in India in December 2009 for an audience of 4000, she has performed in Dubai and she has just been booked to perform 25 shows at this years 2010 Edinburgh festival.

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