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The Buckfever Underground Press


Breaking almost a full year of near-silence (there was a gig as a duo, in a library, and another as a trio, at a wedding in Bloem one balmy December day last year...), The Buckfever Underground return to the Cape gigging circuit with a series of four shows to launch their brand new live album Limbs Gone Batty Or The Role Of The Anterior-Posterior Patterning Signal, Sonic Hedgehog, In The Development Of The Unique Bat Limb (Live). (The album is thankfully known, for short, as Limbs Gone Batty.)
The Buckfever Underground is known for their sonic explorations of the extent of the drone (ie the sound the aeroplane makes inside your stomach while it warms up on the tarmac or, seen from another angle, what goes on in the mind of a baboon when it first encounters someone playing the xylophone) using bass guitar (Gilad Hockman), guitar of other sorts (Righard Kapp), drums and keyboards (Stephen Timm) and Afrikaans and English spoken-word voice (Toast Coetzer).
The first gig will be in Wellington as part of a week of celebrations in the honour of Breyten Breytenbach's 70th birthday, the next will be in Stellenbosch at an old haunt (Dorp Street Theatre) and the Cape Town show will be in the hidden gem of a venue, the Gatta Patat Theatre Café at the Cape Diamond Hotel. Full details below, including details about the October show at Matjiesfontein. Albums, limited edition posters and other merchandise will be on sale.

September 2009 Thu 17
Wellington, Die Bôrdienghuis Teater. Address: corner of Burger and Malherbe streets. R50. 20:00 sharp as there's also a support act - Leine, a Dutch singer. Come check her out. There will also be a side-launch, ie Toast will launch his novel, Naweek. And it's Breyten Breytenbach's (we call him: Sean Connery) 70th birthday, so we will definitely do a tribute number.
Bookings essential and all: 021 873 2786 or 072 115 2913

September 2009 Fri 18
Stellenbosch, Dorp Street Theatre. R50. Come at 18:30 if you want to sit down and have lekker dinner, show starts at 20:30 sharp. We have played some lekker gigs at Dorp Street over the years and we intend to do everything short of setting our hair on fire (only because we've run out of hair lately) in order to make it a fun time again.
Bookings essential: 021 88 66 107 or

September 2009 Sat 19
Cape Town, Gatta Patat Theatre Café, Cape Diamond Hotel. 19:00 for dinner, 20:30 sharp for show only guests. R50.
Address: corner of Longmarket and Parliament streets. This is a really great venue which we've only discovered recently. It's in the mode of Dorp Street, with great food available. It's in the basement of the hotel, in the heart of the city. Where everybody knows your name etc.
Bookings essential: 021 461 2519 or

October 2009 Sat 3
Matjiesfontein - Show & Tell Event
Address: Up the N1, past Touwsrivier, you know...
Time: tbc. There will also be other acts.
Bookings essential (accommodation) if you're attending the whole weekend - visit for details on the best weekend of the year.

Hello almal,
Last year we spent a few weeks doing a TV programme - Headwrap. In it, we collaborate with the legendary Xhosa singer, Madosini. After a few intitial meetings, we jam a bit and then we share the stage at the Armchair. Check it out this Wednesday, 5 March, on SABC1 at 18:30 and spread the word.
Hoop dit gaan goed met almal,
Toast & en die ander Buckfevers

The Buckfever Underground to collaborate with Madosini

Press Release 17/10/07

The Buckfever Underground are to collaborate with Madosini as part of the Headwrap TV series. The culmination of this collaboration with be a joint performance at The Independent Armchair Theatre on Tuesday 6 November.

Hailed as the 'Queen of Xhosa Music', Madosini Latozi Mpahleni is a vetseuntraditional musician and storyteller from the rural Eastern Cape, playing umrhubhe (mouth bow), uhadi (berimbau) and isitolotolo (Jew's harp). Her extraordinary music is unique, not just in its scope, but also in the variety and depth of the emotions she evokes

The Buckfever Underground
The Buckfever Underground are an experimental rock outfit who over the past ten vetseunyears have established a strong following for their stream of consciousness lyrics and wide ranging sonic back drops. The band have recently released a new album, entitled 'SAVES', and were nomiated for list of the top 100 protest song s of al time in a Dutch survey.

Die Beeld describes SAVES as "wide open and inimitably impressive as the Great Karoo itself..(and) album which will probably fruitlessly keep searching the local musical landscape in search of an equal".

The Weekender says that SAVES "is truly original, experimental art rock that gives Bok van Blerk stereotypes about Afrikaans music the snotklap it deserves."

The Mail & Guardian say that "If there were any justice in the South African music scene, The Buckfever Underground would be huge. Since 1998 they have consistently produced albums of stark originality that make the majority of their peers look like half-arsed chancers and The Buckfever Underground Saves is yet another impressive chapter in this band's career."

The weekly factual series, which airs on SABC1, coordinates collaborations between different characters from the South African cultural landscape. Previous collaborators on Headwrap include: Godessa, Tant Grietjie, Zolani Mkiva, Tumi Molekane, Ready D, Louis Zurnamer, Ntombi Nala, Churchill Madikida, Guy Buttery, Madala Kunene, Simphiwe Dana, Slikour, Remix Dance Company, The Odd Engineers, Teba, Chris Chameleon, Zanele Muholi and Y Magazine

For more information:
Headwrap: / Miki 021-426 2070
The Buckfever Underground: / Gil - 084 318 5959

The Buckfever Underground nominated for Top 100 Protest Songs

The Buckfever Underground song, 'Die Volk (Is In Die Kak)' from their debut EP, Jou Medemens Is Dood, has been nominated as one of the top 100 protest songs of all time of all time in a Dutch survey.

Die Volk (Is In Die Kak) deals with the feeling of disillusionment of young Afrikaaners towards their community in post apartheid South Africa. The song was nominated by Stef Bos, the legendary Dutch musician who discovered The Buckfever Underground through his time in South Africa where he worked with Tandie Klaasen and the late Johannes Kerkorrel.

Other nominated artists on the list include the likes of Bob Dylan. Joaz Beaz, Bob Marley, Bruce Springsteen, Eminem, John Lennon, Marvin Gaye, Neil Young, Patti Smith, Rage Against The Machine, System Of A Down. The Clash and U2

Die Volk Is In Die Kak is available for free download at

The Buckfever Underground have just released a new album, entitled 'Saves' which has already been described in Die Beeld as "wide open and inimitably impressive as the Great Karoo itself..(and) album which will probably fruitlessly keep searching the local musical landscape in search of an equal"

For more information:

from the desk of stephen timm: band applaudes new "freedom tower"

LET us bow our heads for the unveiling of America'slatest idol to liberty - freedom tower. The tower'sradio antenna will raise the tower to the symbolicheight of 1776 feet, a date when liberty first enteredthe world with the signing of the US Declaration ofIndependence.

"After the chaos and carnage of September 11th, it is not enough to serve our enemies with legal papers." George W Bush

*polstar NOSTALGIA albums available in Cape Town from Mabu Vinyl, Kloof Street and the African Music Store, Long Street

The Buckfever Underground Saves
I once had a job. Actually, I had a few but those times have blurred in my memory. It's all the same to me now. Just a haze in the back of my mind. Maybe one day, when life has revolved sufficiently, I will allow myself to delve into the memories and try to make sense of it all. Right now, all I can say for sure is that I did it for the money. Money. Even though from the start it was never going to be enough. Self delusion is a powerful thing. That strange human ability to allow yourself to believe that you are what you are not. I went in, got burned, and through some long forgotten twist of fate managed to find myself dragged out of the pit and strewn on the ground above. I felt self-abused. I lost something of myself. Or I threw it away. Don't think I could do it again. I mean, I have a price, everyone does, but these days mine is pretty high.

The Buckfever Underground Saves
New album due to be recorded

The Buckfever Underground Live
25 June - Hidden Cellar with Die Naaimasjiene and Lilo
26 June - Joburg Bar with Lilo
27 June - The Independent Armchair Theatre with Die Naaimasjiene and Lilo

The Buckfever Underground On Show
13 July - Scratch and Paste (Deer Park Café)

PRESS RELEASE: The Buckfever Underground and Trike tour
The Buckfever Underground have decided not to hold a press conference with regard to both their upcoming national tour with Trike and the bands appearance at this years Oppikoppi festival.

Rather, the pre-prepared script that would have guided the proceedings is being sent out to the media with this email. All media engines and agencies will be free to use the script as a basic guide from which to develop a full story.

Having in the past gone to great effort whenever an important announcement was to be made, The Buckfever Underground are being honest about the fact that the reality we perceive is ultimately in the hands of the media. Consequently, the media should be provided the appropriate amount of creative space within which to "weave the fabric of truth".

It is expected that this new course of action will achieve the multiple objectives of saving the press time, saving the band money and putting the needs of the public first.

The script follows. For further enquiries please contact Bastard Media on 021 465 8504 or email

08/07/2004 The Buckfever Underground: Press Conference, Script by Gilad Hockman




We are in fairly large, well lit conference room. In the room are roughly two dozen members of the local press either seated or standing around three rows of chairs set out in a semi-circular pattern. The chairs facing a long table covered with a white table cloth on top of which are several microphones belonging to various media organs. Behind the table are five chairs.

The crowd of journalists are either talking amongst themselves or readying their equipment for the press conference. Their attention turns to the appearance of a middle-aged in a grey cotton suit standing behind the table.


The middle-aged in a grey cotton suit reaches into the inside breast pocket of his jacket and removes a four-square strip of two-ply toilet paper

MAN IN SUIT (reading from the toilet paper)
Ladies and gentlemen of the press. The reason for this press conference is to announce that The Buckfever Underground will be going on a national tour along with the group Trike. The tour has been named "The Laaste kans fir Afrikaans" tour. The tour will commence on July 24 and will end with an appearance at this years Oppikoppi music festival. Any Questions? Yes, you sir...

HAGEN ENGLER (Jedi Rollers)
Hagen Engler, FHM. Can you give us any specifics for the tour?

yes. The dates for the tour are as follows:

24 July - Die Mystic Boer, Stellenbosch
26 July - The Shotgun Sessions, Mercury Lounge, Cape Town
27 July - Mercury Lounge, Cape Town
28 July - The Independent Armchair Theatre, Cape Town
29 July - Hidden Cellar, Stellenbosch
31 July - Die Mystic Boer, Bloemfontein
2 August - Back2Basix, JHB
5 August - Cool Runnings, Pretoria

The date and time of the The Buckfever Underground's appearance at Oppikoppi has not been announced. Any more questions? Yes...

Michelle Constant, SAFM. Have the band announced any strategy for the tour?

The Buckfever Underground with be employing their "classic midfield-diamond formation" on stage for the dates in Cape Town, Stellenbosch and Oppikoppi. For the remaining dates, they will be playing "three in the middle with a sweeper". We're almost out of time, any final questions?

Tom Eaton, Mail and Guardian. Are The Buckfever Underground available for comment?

No. At present their whereabouts are unknown. I am assured, however, by persons close to The Buckfever Underground's inner circle that this tour represents part of a greater offence aimed and losing hearts and minds across the country. (pause) That is all ladies and gentlemen. Have a good day.


The middle-aged man in the grey cotton suit exits to the right.


03/11/2004 LIVE- The DollyRockers and The Buckfever Underground

Mercury Lounge, De Villiers Street Wednesday 17 March, 9pm R20

Finally re-united in dual action, The DollyRockers and The Buckfever Underground will stage an emotional reunion at Mercury Lounge on Wednesday 17 March. "There is a chance that people have been waiting for this moment" commented one of the Mercury barmen at a press conference this morning. "I will be paid to be there, though" he continued, "so I don't think it would be very professional of me make any real assertions. The press seem to warp things and public tend to misconstrue what they read. I don't think I want to be a part of that."

A spokesperson for the event read from a statement saying that both parties were "excited" and "ready to go" after "all this time". Having played together on at least two other occasions (the last time in December 2002), the two Cape Town based bands have spent much of the past 14 months, 27 days and 8 hours doing other stuff.

Press Release: 7 Oct 2003 TAFL Nominated for Two Geraas Awards
TAFL - Teaching Afrikaans as a Foreign Language, the latest release from The Buckfever Underground has been nominated for two Geraas Awards - Best Duo or Group and Best Song Writer. The announcement on Tuesday morning sent ripples of euphoria through the nation prompting four die-hard fans to exclaim to passers-by that they had known the band "when they were crap". A fax was received from a small village in South Korea where Toast Coetzer has been in seclusion for the past eight months working on his debut novel precariously titled "Ek en die Braai". Roughly translated the fax read: "W40". The rest of the band were unavailable for comment although a spokes-person did read an official statement which stated that the individual members were aware of recent developments but that, unlike some people, they would not be taking any steps without the consent of the UN security council.

The Buckfever Underground - TeachingAfrikaansasaForeignLanguage
(EP. Seven Tracks. Duration: 31 min 01 sec)

after spending 6 years pushing a philosophy of stream of consciousness poetry combined with even more stream of consciousness music that was accepted with as much bemusement as it was with outright joy, The Buckfever Underground spent 2002 experimenting with the concept of having a) a real drummer b) two musical instruments in the band and c) practicing (but only once before each gig). this might not seem like much but the result is a vague from of rhythm that is likely to change, if not your life, then at least your afternoon.

Nominated for two 2003 Geraas Awards

Best Duo or Group

Best Song writer

The Buckfever Underground - Release Date bastardmedia mail 2003 07 07
"TAFL - Teaching Afrikaans as A Foreign Language" the new release by The Buckfever Underground will be available in music stores nationwide from 8 August.

"After having struggled against adversary for so long I think it's only fair that we get more of our fifteen minutes." Toast Coetzer was reported to have said while being mobbed by school children in a South Korean zoo. "We got three minutes back in '99 and we've always held out for the chance of getting another four or five" he continued. The rest of the band were unavailable for comment although a spokesperson stressed that the CD was in no way connected the global spread of a western cultural hegemony as it was recorded over two days in Fish Hoek.

Tiaan Olivier - The Cape Argus Tonight "The seven tracks...are so unique and experimental, comparisons are unavoidable: Johannes K meet Zappa, Gert Vlok Nel meets early Beck...lyrics that compel, shock, absorb...each song, line for line, is a vivid verbal voyage much in the vain of Ginsburg and Dylan"

John Sampson - SA Rock Digest: "There is a mix of feelings and textures to this album that requires your full attention while listening"

Ami Kapilevich - Editor, Pulse Magazine "The Buckfever Underground are just that: wild, hot and eccentric. It's paradoxical music: stuff you can to listen to very carefully or just leave playing in the background: Tom Waits-meets-Evan Dando. Nice"

Jeremy Abbott - Cape Town Today "The strength is in the's one of those albums that grows on you. To enjoy this you need to realize it's not easy listening, rather intellectual listening"

For more information call 021 465 8504 .. Also available are "Jou Mede Mens Is Dood" and "Survival Is Personal". The Buckfever Underground are: Toast Coetzer, Gilad Hockman, Jon Savage, Steven Timm.

Ooo...The Buckfever Underground hit No.3 bastardmedia mail 2003 06 10
In the latest SA Rock Digest charts released monday, Teaching Afrikaans as a Foreign Language (TAFL) had moved up to the number three position. With the albums official release only due in August, TAFL's steady climb was met massive outpourings of joy. "Oh really?" commented a somewhat bemused Toast Coezter, the bands vocalist, from his teachers desk in Korea. "Says who? We're not a happy band. You can't honestly expect me to believe that." On investigation it was revealed that the joy had originated with a computer programmer in Craddok, Coetzer's home town. The youth was immediately taken into custody. "That's more like it." an unnamed source close to the band remarked "The band are running a tight publicity campaign for this release. You can't allow so much hard work to be jepordised by one or two invididuals who feel they have the right to interpret the bands work as they see fit." The rest of the band were again unavailable for comment.

(Teaching Afrikaans as a Foreign Language is currently available online from One World Music (


1. [1] (1) Song Vir Katryn - Valiant Swart (Rhythm)
2. [7] (2) Selfconscious - The Narrow (Intervention Arts)
3. [5] (3) Teaching Afrikaans As A Foreign language - Buckfever Underground (Indie)
4. [3] (2) Dirty Sanchez And The Misfit Kidz - Tweak (SONY MUSIC/BMG)
5. [11] (5) Soil 7t7 - Soil 7t7 (Indie)

The Buckfever Underground in the top 5 bastardmedia mail 2003 06 03
In a move that has left much of the western world as it was before, The Buckfever Underground's latest release "Teaching Afrikaans as a Foreign Language" (TAFL) has found its way into the top five of the South African rock album charts. While there are unconfirmed reports of small scale acknowledgment no official spokeperson for the band exists and so the claim could not be verified - although speaking from his teachers desk in Seoul Korea vocalist Toast Coetzer was adamant that "Yes, things like this do happen". The rest of the band were strangely "unavailable for comment" claiming to be too busy filming bad shampoo commercials (Jon Savage), reporting on development in the small to medium business sector(Steven Timm) and recovering from Hepatitus (Gilad Hockman).

SA ROCK DIGEST ISSUE #203 2nd June 2003

This week [last week] (highest position) Title - Artist (Label) 1. [3] (1) Song Vir Katryn - Valiant Swart (Rhythm)
2. [4] (2) Wicked Rock: Let Us Be Heard - Various (Wicked Rock)
3. [2] (2) Dirty Sanchez And The Misfit Kidz - Tweak (SONY MUSIC/BMG)
4. [1] (1) Tell Someone Who Cares - Wonderboom (DGR)
5. [11] (5) Teaching Afrikaans As A Foreign language - Buckfever Underground (Indie)

The Buckfever Underground - TeachingAfrikaansasaForeignLanguage
After spending years pushing a philosophy of stream of consciousness poetry combined with even more stream of consciousness music that was accepted with as much bemusement as it was outright joy, The Buckfever Underground spent 2002 experimenting with the concept of having a) a real drummer b) two musical instruments in the band and c) practicing (but only once before each gig). It much not seem like much but the result is a vague from of rhythm that is likely to change, if not your life, then at least your afternoon.
The Buckfever Underground are:.
Steven Timm, Jon Savage, Gilad Hockman, Toast Coetzer
Copies of Teaching Afrikaans as a Foreign Language are available online at One World Music (
Also available are previous releases by The Buckfever Underground "Jou Mede Mens is Dood" and "Survival is Personal".

And so it came to pass that god created Korea. "Ya, well" said the lord "I can do that sort of thing, you know. And just to prove it to you, check this out." And from the heavens came a mighty hand and as the thumb and forefinger snapped against each other so the land was divided into North and South. "Schweet, hey" said the lord "Just figured that one out the other day. I dig it lank."

And so it came to pass that the land of Korea was divided in twain. For for a very long time no one really gave a shit until long after the lord, who eventually lost interest in the earth and went off to build golf courses in the systems surrounding alfa centauri, vanished one day into a cloud of philosophical debate and poor marketing. It was then that there sprang forth from the primordial ooze the Communists and the Capitalists. Both the Communists and the Capitalists saw it fit to claim one of the Koreas for their own and spend a whole lot of time and money beating the crap out of each other. And then again, for a long time after that, no one really gave a shit.

Until tomorrow night (Wednesday 18 December) when The Buckfever Underground play one last gig at The Independent Armchair Theatre before Toast heads off to teach the illiterate of south-east asia a thing or two about being on the receiving end of a hegemonic language.

- And because it's nearly Christmas, for one night only you will also be able to pay money for Buckfever CDs.

- Brand new release "TAFL - Teaching Afrikaans as a Foreign Language" available for R35.

- Christmas Commercial Opportunity Gift Packs (TAFL, Survival is Personal, Jou Medemens is Dood) available for R100.

Gilad Hockman - Bastard Media
084 318 5959
021 462 7909
72 Can'terbury Street (3rd Floor)
Cape Town

"Oh we are gonna party,
when Judy gets back from the rehab.
She ain't gonna know,
she may not even be invited"

04-12-02, Independant Armchair TheatrePapa Ek Will 'n Popster Word. flyer 'n Fotografiese uitstalling, plus The Buckfever Underground, The Dollyrockers en Ivanhoe. A Photographic Exhibition of South African Music - 97 - 02 p featuring photographs by James Oatway, Samantha Reinders, Gilad Hockman and Toast Coetzer, Leanne Logan p Time: 20:00 (exhibition opening) 22:00 (band starts)
Dress: Like you're going out for a beer Admission: Free p The past 6 or so years have been interesting ones in the evolution of the South African live music scene. Bands and artists have come and gone, blossomed or gone bust and along the way left their mark on Top 40 listings, passionate fans and bathroom doors which happen to have been in the way. This exhibition offers a glimpse of that - portraying the musicians in their natural habitat: on stage. There's sweat and silhouettes, sex appeal and drama, grace and poise. And spitting and beer. p Featured artists include everyone from Lithium to Jimmy Dludlu, Ready D to Boo! and Sugardrive to Waddy Jones. Photographs were taken over the past 6 years at gigs and festivals all over the country - from the dusty nights of Oppikoppi to the cold nights of Grahamstown. Come join us for a sip of something, fine if scruffy company and some neat tunes. The drinks kick off at 20:00 for the official opening and at 22:00 there will be some live music from The Dollyrockers, The Buckfever Underground and Ivanhoe. Photographs will be for sale and we are hoping to take the exhibition on tour to other venues in the country. p About BastardMedia: We're a group of young photographers and writers who have freelanced across a wide range of media outlets, reporting and photographing everything from hard news to entertainment. This is the first annual BastardMedia exhibition with a different theme planned for 2003. We aim to create interesting work while having some fun at the same time. p You can find out more about BastardMedia and its current members by visiting

and a big hello to the guy in the corner
a casual reminder:
The Buckfever Underground (once called atheists in Potch, but hey) might be out and about in months to come. more out than about actually. you can also now purchase their smashingly good looking and actually real fine sounding debut release "your fellow man is dead/ jou medemens is dood" here and there, but definitely directly from the band (for a cut-throat price which will make musica choke on their profits from the latest jennifer lopez set of breasts, i mean singles, of R35 plus postage).
we're also expanding to jo'burg if and when we feel the moon is right. next year, we're transprovincial. also check out deviant subways and high class contacts for our upcoming take on kwaito with fourth member Double E on the twiddlers.
who knows, you might become a better person.
button up & attack

hi to the guy in the corner again
in the fine south african tradition of truth, openness and beer, here's a review we just stumbled upon on the Mail and Guardian's website: "Local and aesthetic The Buckfever Underground: Jou Medemens Is Dood (Janus) By Rob Davies A really clever concept which unfortunately comes off sounding pretentious as hell. Basically what you get here are six sparsely arranged acoustic guitar pieces with some percussion, samples and pseudo-Beat poetry in Afrikaans and English layered on top. The upside is that Toast Coetzer's "kakpratery" is actually not half bad."
well, at least his right on all accounts. only my surname is coetzer, as in amanda, the tennis player. "pretentious as hell", love the sound of it...
beer and freedom

Sun, 3 Sep 2000 18:20:49 +0200
hi all
some more wothless news for your boring day:
as you well know by now, we hope, The Buckfever Underground has a fairly contentious debut CD out called "jou medemens is dood".
contentious, because:
The Mail & Guardian called it "pretentious as hell" (and they are always right, they have good lawyers).
You Magazine said it "gets boring quickly" (which you'll agree with if you were looking for a tune).
SL Magazine said it's "fucking great, I say" (and we didn't even buy the reviewer any beers) and that it "blows most local shite out of the water" (quoted out of context, but anyway) despite the fact that the band "can hardly play their instruments" (right again).
Die Burger called it (roughly translated) "undanceable", but "a bit like Tom Waits, with lovely lyrics" (ag thanks, bru).
so then, what do you do? gonna have to go buy it. it's at musica and elsewhere (ask for it by name, nowhere near NebulaBos stands) or otherwise get it for lank cheap) plus we'll chuck limited edition bumper sticker (with a rude Bill Clinton chirp "this band suck cock") in for free.
a bargain if it got you beer and freedom on the side as well.

Non Press Release Frostbite2000 is a 3 day music event held by Rhodes Music Radio in The Union in Prince Alfred Street in Grahamstown on the 3, 4 and 5th of July. 4 bands per night, doors open at 8tish, bands start playing at 9 through till 1am. from 1 - 2am there'll be djing and such. sets are 40 - 45 minutes.there is unfortunately no money - it's kak, but we really tried hard to get funding. we have the venue and the venue owner is putting up for sound. he and RMR shares the door takings (cover will be R10 as far as i know) to cover their respective costs in holding the event. advertising is done via posters around town, flyers, pre-event press-releases to local papers and 5FM's gig guide. RMR will obviously punt it vigourously during festival and there'll be definite coverage in Cue (festpaper) and CueTV (fest tv on DStv all over africa for duration of fest). as i said, sound will be provided as far as possible, but bands must bring their own specialised things like certain high-hats or cymbals or whatever.the drumkit will be basic - bassdrum etc. there'll be microphones and monitors and hopefully guitar and bassamps too, but if you have your own bring it if you can. there will be a soundengineer on the night, but if bands have their own person who'd rather mix, then i'm sure it'll be fine. bands will have a bar tab and we'll try and get you a place to crash for the night.cuervo also had the heart to give us a box of tequila. so far, the following bands have confirmed interest:
Grahamstown: Mandala, Jon Savage Band, Murder & Fame, The Buckfever Underground. PE: Kombat Fudge, Natural Born Swingers, 7 Chinese Brothers, Hagen Engler, Erns Grundling. we might also have some hiphoppers out of Joburg. Toast Coetzer

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