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Brown Dash (Siphiwe Mpamile)
Skhathi Sakhona ............ CDHOLA2010 TKZEE WREKORDS
1. Skhathi Sakhona
2. Ayoba Yo
3. Ungalahl Ithemba
4. Groova
5. Uthandi Lwemali
6. Phunya (Hip Hop Mix)
7. Umdal' Usemoondweni
8. Is'khathi Sakhona
9. Phunya
10. Ayoba Yo (Dub Mix)
11. Uthandi Lwemali (Dub Mix)
12. Nompucuko

Brown Dash is undoubtedly THE most successful kwaito star of the past few years. He is a multi SA Music Awards winner and has also won Metro Awards and many other accolades.
His latest offering is titled 'SKHATHI SAKHONA. The album is one off the hook and is destined to be Brown Dash's biggest album - this from someone who regularly sells platinum. The album's title track is a smooth summer song that will get fans grooving.
But there is more to the album than dancefloor fillers. "Ungalahl'lthemba" is courageous tune that will lift the spirit of those who hear it and encourage them to facetheri lives positively. Among the producers who worked on 'SKHATHI SAKHONA is renowned producer, Gabi le Roux. He contributed to "Phunya" which has a sentimental, soulful touch.
Brown Dash is sure to claim the number one spot with this album. To promote it, he is launching his album all over the country, taking it to places like Polokwane, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth.

Back 2 Kasi .............. CDGURB 127 2008 GALLO vetseun
1. Back 2 Kasi
2. Ezayizolo
3. Spoko
4. Engojeni
5. Ezasekasi
6. Good Life
7. Siyasphendula
8. Dankie
9. Mgugulucious

Dash Board ............... CDCCP 2052 2006 TSR/CCP RECORDS/EMI
1. Makhanda Khanda
2. Amagenge Ami
3. Miki Mouse
4. Kuhambani
5. Summertime
6. Ivili Liyajika
7. Ezase Kas'Lami
8. Aya Yayi
9. Abochomi
10. Umgenandlini
11. Ezase Kas' Lami (Dub Mix)

Mthandazo Wabolova . CDCCP 2039 2004 CCP RECORDS
1. Mthandazo Wabolova
2. Yenzokwakho
3. U'dlalakanjani
4. Vum Vum
5. No' phush' ezam
6. Phants'komthunzi Welanga
7. Nomalizo
8. Nhliziyo Yam Yagidagida
9. Cape To Zola
10. Sash-Man

Puff 'n Pass ........................... TSCD002 GHETTO RUFF
1. Deningazi
2. Back To Back
3. M'gezeni
4. Intro-Nomalize
5. Puff 'n Pass
6. Ezikhiphage
7. Akekhe Ephethe
8. Choose The Number
9. All Star DJ Cleo
10. M'gezeni Mix
11. S'sheshevi
12. Wakes Latin Beat

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