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Breinskade (Paul Riekert)
killer coverLAAI AFLAAI AF
Permanente Skade (1994 - 2005) . ONEF 1013 2007 ONE F MUSIC
1. Albertville Gekkehuis
2. Dames En Here
3. Blind Geblixem
4. Jou Fokn Ap
5. Blou Moord
6. Corrugated Sheetmetal Handshake
7. Met My Eens
8. Geen Doekies
9. Jan Publiek Gaan Verstom Staan
10. Snotbees
11. Lobotomy
12. Draaisynekom
13. 100 Bedonnerd
14. Fyndraai
15. Frogstomper
16. Nuclear Fuz5
17. Tyd Is Verby
18. Xpensive Mistakes

killer coverLAAI AFvetseun
Worspriester ................... ONEF1003 2001 ONE F MUSIC
1. Dames En Here
2. Jou Fokn Ap
3. Met My Eens - MP3 >>>
4. Corrugated Sheetmetal Handshake
5. Blou Moord
6. Draaisynekom
7. Snotbees
8. 100 Bedonnerd
9. Nuclearfuz5
10. Stompr
11. Xpensive Mistakes
- ALBUM VAN DIE WEEK 2021/05/06

die nuwe vollengte Breinskade cd. ****** on op hou dend. ****** hard en ****** stereo. met twee stukkende huis tracks van die bierbaard TC en nege nuwe skeppings is worspriester 'n trippel van watookal jou mind van goed afvat gewoonlik. en dit vat nie net jou mind af nie maar blaas sommer enige orige idees uit ook... teen blou moord is dit duidelik dat geen ander padtekens ooit gehoorsaam of gesien is nie. verder kan mens uit die name sien die musiek is. spesiale mention van 100 bedonnerd wat saam met at nel gedoen is, saam met daai rugbreker nommer jan publiek Breinskade verewig en hierdie CD amper oorvat... --verkorte version van mail--Breinskade now in stock!
Breinskade: Worspriester [Battery 9's Paul Riekert side project]

Historically speaking:
The first Breinskade recording saw the light in 1994, when Paul Riekert (battery9) started to make Rotterdam gabba-inspired tracks (with a distinct local flavour) as a hobby. A silly suggestion to perform Breinskade on stage led to the forming of a "performance art piece" by Paul, At Nel (Somerfaan) and Huyser Burger (DJ Fokolnonsens). The show was exactly 10 minutes long, brimming with absurdity, humour, unpredictability and violence; the set and props (consisting of failed consumer electronics) were smashed to bits in the last minute. This is still the only predictable minute of the show, the other nine remain an uncomfortable surprise.

Worspriester is an album that will reach out and hurt you. As subtle as a few blows to the head with a blunt object, it is a merciless piece of work. Intentionally ugly, grotesque, absurd and, very importantly: quite funny. While it bathes in brutality, it never becomes too serious. For the brave listeners who stick it out, who surrender to, and imbibe in, the violence and the humour, there awaits an intense catharsis.

The unflattering, absurd side of the human psyche is normally suppressed or ignored in this rational and sterilised society; Breinskade celebrates it. (Think Dada, Surrealism, Absurdist Theatre.) Humour, bad taste and aesthetic unacceptability are the foundations of the project, which is why there are no "nice songs" with intricate chord structures on the album.

Worspriester was recorded between 1994 and 2001 at various places in and around JHB. Sound-wise it is rooted in hardcore techno (160 - 250 bpm), but has developed a sound of its own through the years, which makes it sit nicely in between genres.

An unsettling document of urban paranoia and terror, that will either leave you feeling happy and relieved, or will have you scuttling to the medicine cabinet for a tranquilizer.

Kind regards

Dave Sass
Subterania Music
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Mail Order Fax : 021-982-5599

Get The Funk Out - Blind Geblixem

Breinskade - Blind Geblixem VID >>> (2013)
Bierbaard TC . ONEF001 1994 ONE F MUSIC
Kant A :
1. Blind Geblixem
2. Tyd Is Verby
3. Lobotomy
Kant B :
1. Jan Publiek
2. Met My Eens
3. Corrugated Sheetmetal Handshake
- LIED VAN DIE DAG 2020/08/02 - Blind Geblixem >>>

2000 12 07, PTA Not My Dog, Pestroy, Breinskade, Odball authentic

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