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Brandon October

Brandon October En Corlea Botha - Dis Waar Liefde Is VID >>> (2011)

Brandon October ............. BAKKCD 100
1. Kom Met My
2. Kan Ons?
3. As
4. Liefling
5. What You Came Here For
6. I Can't Hide From Your Love
7. How Do I Get There
8. Rock In My Taal
9. The Hardest Thing
10. Vivere
11. Two Lonely People
12. Unchained Melody
13. Dis Waar Liefde Is

Opsoek Na Liefde ........ CDVAT6186 2006 VAT VYF MUSIEK/SONY MUSIC/BMG
1. Môre
2. Daar Waar Liefde Staan
3. Alles Vir Jou
4. Engel
5. Ek Dink Aan Jou
6. Klop Van My Hart
7. Ek's Oppad
8. Opsoek Na Liefde
9. Meisie
10. Somewhere Down The Road
11. The Impossible Dream
12. Pieces of Your Heart

Five years ago, Brandon October was an unknown name on South Afirca's music scene.
But that all changed when he became a finalist in M-Net's first Idols series, which saw Brandon's melodic voice and great stage presence earn him fans throughout the country.
After several earlier releases, now comes Brandon's latest album, OPSOEK NA LIEFDE. The album is more than a showcase for Brandon's singing ability - 10 of the 12 songs on the recording were written by the artist himself.
OPSOEK NA LIEFDE features 3 English songs - two of which are covers: "Somewhere Down The Road" and "The Impossible Dream".
With the release of OPSOEK NA LIEFDE, South Africa has a new - and very talented - force on the thriving Afrikaans music scene!

Temptation ................. CDCLL7054 2003 COLOSSAL/BMG
1. Temptation
2. Wherever You Are
3. How Was I To Know
4. Someday
5. Hold On To Love
6. Only
7. Sleepwalking
8. Starting Something
9. Attitude
10. Let's Stay Together

Brandon October, the vocalist who stole the hearts of thousands of Idols viewers in 2002, releases his debut album, adding yet another dimension to his already flourishing performing career.
The album titled TEMPTATION was produced by Rich Aronson of the Human Music and Sound Design Initiative (a global conglomeration of producers, songwriters, musicians and engineers) at his state-of-the-art studio in Johannesburg and is a stunning example of global interactivity.
Aronson (an American) is using his network of contacts to ensure Brandon's first release has just the right ingredients to make it a standout domestically and able to measure up against quality projects on a global scale. The mixing engineer is Steve Shepherd who is best known for his work with multi-platinum recording artist Kenny G; guitarist, Grant Geissman is a world class musician and composer who has recorded with such artists as Brian Wilson, Quincy Jones and all mastering work is being undertaken by Doug Sax who was nominated for a 2002 Grammy in the Album Of The Year category for his work on The Dixie Chicks HOME album. And that is just for starters.
It's a fine team and together with Brandon's recording company, BMG Africa, a repertoire of internationally penned songs was chosen, reflecting the pop sound (with just enough soul) that suits Brandon's vocals.
The songs off TEMPTATION are likely to earn Brandon significant airplay and further extend his already solid fanbase. "Hold On To Love" showcases the singer's ability to hit those oh-so-smooth high notes and move easily through a song that speaks of the universality of love supreme while another love-struck song is "How Was I To Know" which has a truly lovely retro musical feel. As songs like the Spanish-inflected "Only" and groove-laden "Sleepwalking" show, Brandon's at times delicate, always compelling vocals stand at the front of each and every track while the standout recording is definitely "Starting Something", a totally on-the-mark 21st century ballad that is in the tradition of the finest male vocalists on the global scene.
TEMPTATION is an excellent debut album from a real South African talent and it's set to turn Brandon October into a star!

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