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Bhelltower ..................... CDEPC7031 2008 EPIC
1. Depth
2. Vampires
3. Laser Spider
4. Substitute met Cindy Alter
5. Look The Other Way
6. Space Loser
7. Monsters met Spaceman
8. Rain Down
9. Dying To Party
10. Point To The Sky
11. Used To Be
12. Sex God
13. Get Out
14. Why Do People Love?
15. Hate Me To

'Bhelltower', a new electronic project by Arno Carstens and the sublime electro producer Urbatro.
Developed over the past two years in South Africa as a creative side project for both its members, BHELLTOWER represents a series of strong emotionally driven influences. Musically BHELLTOWER carries elements spanning two decades, from Nine Inch Nails to Sisters of Mercy, from David Bowie to The Prodigy, from Springbok Nude Girls to Battery 9.
The album features some unusual covers including a version of Phil Collins' "Rain Down" and a stunning gothic electro remake of Clout's "Substitute" featuring the original Clout vocalist Cindy Alter. BHELLTOWER's first radio single is "Monsters" (featuring Spaceman). There is also be a video for Bhelltower's storming version of "Substitute".
Arno Carstens is currently in Spain recordoing a new album and has been notching up a series of impressive live gigs. BHELLTOWER is a way for his fans to see another side of the South African rocker - a side that is considerably enhanced by Carstens' work with the talented Urbarto.

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