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Basil "Mannenberg" Coetzee (1944-1998)


B .................................. CDMOU 7522 1998 MOUNTAIN RECORDS
1. Kids At Play
2. Liberation
3. Bushy
4. Kou Kou
5. Spiro
6. Mofolo
7. Tickle Tickle
8. Sintelena
9. Spirits Rejoice

Monwabisi LP/CD . MOU592/MOULP(L) 59 1991/2001 MOUNTAIN/EMI
Side 1:
1. Carnival Nights
2. Ivory Lady
3. Come On Home
4. Monwabisi
Side 2:
1. She Cried A Tear
2. Song Of David
3. Care Capers
4. Nuttall Street
5. Missing You
6. Emboyti

Monwabisi, by the late South African Jazz musician Basil "Mannenberg" Coetzee, the tenor saxophone giant of Cape Jazz.
Basil was an important cultural figure in the Cape until his death in March 1998. Coetzee rose to prominence in the jazz scene as part of the Dollar Brand group in the late 70s. He recorded extensively with Brand (Abdullah Ibrahim) and toured with him on many occasions. Coetzee took his lead from Ibrahim, who is perhaps the best known
'master of jazz' from the Cape.
His distinctive raunchy tenor sound and the untiring commitment to his cultural roots made him one of the best known jazzmen to come out of South Africa. He earned the nickname "Mannenberg" after the hugely succesful collaboration with Dollar Brand in the late seventies. Basil toured and recorded extensively with Brand (Abdullah Ibrahim). Together with Robbie Jansen they created the unique brass sound of the group Pacific Express, inspiring many younger jazz musicians in Cape Town.

Sabenza (Basil "Mannenberg" Coetzee; Robbie Jansen)
Sabenza LP/CD ........... CDMOU 522 1988 MOUNTAIN
1. African Jazz Dance
2. CT Blues
3. Khayalitsha Dance
4. Song For Winnie
5. Coventry Road
6. Mama

Tete Mbambisa & Basil Manenberg Coetzee
Did You Tell Your Mother LP . ML 4258 GALLO

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