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Arsenic (Jitsenic, The Maniac Metalloids)

2020 12 11-14 - Jitsvinger, featuring Def Eff & Arsenic Beats, The Liounge, R75,

vetseunLAAI AF
Ataraxia EP ......................................... 2020
1. Thoughts
2. Barefoot
3. Count Jazz
4. Dreamin'
5. Night Time
6. Huh

vetseunLAAI AFvetseun
Amazing met Bonzaya (Prod. deur Arsenic) CDS . 2020 ARSENIC BEATS/METALLOID LAB PRODUCTIONS

vetseunLAAI AF
Dreamin' CDS .................................... 2020

vetseunLAAI AF
Hidden Formula met Mvula Drae & DJ Fingaz CDS . 2020 METALLOID LAB PRODUCTIONS

vetseunLAAI AF
Indigo met Chris Gaudy & Soul Sister Tilo CDS . 2020

vetseunLAAI AF
Leave met Tiffany Joseph CDS ...... 2020 METALLOID LAB PRODUCTIONS

vetseunLAAI AF
Night Time CDS ................................ 2020

vetseunLAAI AF
Thoughts CDS ................................... 2020

vetseunLAAI AF
Time met Bonzaya CDS ................... 2020

vetseunLAAI AF
Words, Part 2 met Andy Mkosi & YoungstaCPT CDS . 2020

Teenage Slaps EP ............................ 2019 JUST FAKA STUDIOS
1. Xanny met Cy-riox & Juccy
2. Pull Up
3. Clean Slate

Arsenic & Juccy - Xanny met Cy-riox CDS . 2019

Hidden Formulas - Vol. 5 - Project Indigo Mixtape . 2018 METALLOID LAB PRODUCTIONS
- met Chris Gaudy. Andy Mkosi, Tiffany Joseph & Mvula Drae
1. Intro
2. Indigo met Chris Gaudy & Soul Sista Tilo
3. Words met Andy Mkosi &YoungstaCPT (Remix)
4. We Are All Indigos met Shredder
5. Leave met Tiffany Joseph (Prod. deur Fibonaatjie)
6. Hidden Formula met Mvula Drae & DJ Fingaz
7. Outro

vetseunLAAI AF
Sterk Medisyne met Jitsvinger (Prod. deur Arsenic) CDS . 2018/2020

vetseunLAAI AFvetseunLAAI AF
Flowing Through My D.N.A met YoungstaCPT (Prod. deur Arsenic) CDS . 2014

vetseunLAAI AF

Arsenic & YoungstaCPT
D.N.A. (Deurie Naai Alliance) ......... 2013 METALLOID LAB PRODUCTIONS
1. DNA Intro
2. Young Boy Killin 'em
3. Good Work met DJ Azuhl
4. I'm Broke
5. Cape Style
6. Trials and Tribulations met Bonzaya Street Tyrant
7. Do That
8. Just Lamming
9. Release The Aggression
10. 3Y?s Men met Copa & E-jay
11. In Pursuit met Jitsvinger
12. From A Windowsil
13. Downer met TJ
14. 3rd Ave. Trippin
15. New Years Resolution

Metalloid Lab Productions Presents: Deurie Naai Alliance, a proudly Cape Townian collaborative album between hip hop producer, Arsenic and the gifted MC, YoungstaCPT. Both artists raised themselves on hip hop and it has, as a result, become entrenched in their genes. At it's core, the album pays homage to genuine hip hop that remains true to it's purpose and has been untainted by commercial interests. The dominating style of hip hop that is explored on this album is boom bap, which is characterised by hard-hitting kick drums and slapping snares. In fact, boom bap is, in itself, deeply rooted in the structure of hip hop's D.N.A.
For more than 2 years Arsenic and Youngsta have been building a body of work that has evolved into a full-length album which promises to raise the bar for the standard of hip hop that is being produced in South Africa. Arsenic's soulful and jazzy beats create a soundtrack that is reminiscent of the classic Golden Era of hip hop, while Youngsta takes his skills to the next level, bringing the contemporary sound of a blossoming generation. Together the two make a formidable team, hence the project title - 'Deurie Naai Alliance.
D.N.A also features some other exciting local upcoming artists inluding Bonzaya,TJ, afrikaans wordsmith Jitsvinger as well as Copa and E-Jay representing Youngsta's YGen crew.
'Deurie Naai - Definition: A very raw & colourful Cape Flats colloquialism used to describe something which is ridiculously awesome.
Hard copies of the album are available for purchase through Metalloid Lab Productions:

Hidden Formulas - Vol. 4 - Ear To The Street Mixtape . 2012 TH3 M3TALLOID LAB
- met Youngsta, Core Wreckah, Bonzaya & Illverse
1. Intro - YoungstaCPT
2. Time (Cuts deur DJ Azuhl) - Bonzaya The Street Tyrant
3. Lejela-Thoko - Core Wreckah
4. Interlude
5. A Young Boy Killin 'Em - YoungstaCPT
6. Danger - Illverse
7. Happy Step/Outro
8. What You Say? - Core Wreckah, YoungstaCPT, Bonzaya & Illverse

Hidden Formulas - Vol. 3 Mixtape . 2011 METALLOID LAB PRODUCTIONS
- Bootlegs & Soulgrooves
1. intro
2. Gypsy Gyration - Hybid Frequency
3. April Showers - The Blackbyrds (1974)
4. Maboneng / Nomalizo Bootleg - Imposztah (Original: Nomalizo - Letta Mbuli)
5. The Truth Bootleg (Original: Have A Talk With God - Stevie Wonder 1976)
6. Simon Says (Arsenic Bootleg) - Pharoah Monch (Original: Givin' Up Food For Funk - The JB's 1972)
7. Toeka Se Stoepe / Bobby Bootleg - Jitsvinger (Original: Quiet Eyes - The Bobby Hendricks Sound 1987)
8. Peddlin' Music On The Side - Lamont Dozier (1977)
9. Outro (Original: Vulcan Worlds - Return To For Forever met Chick Corea 1974)

Hidden Formulas - Vol. 2 Mixtape ... 2010 METALLOID LAB PRODUCTIONS
1. Intro
2. Tofu And Fungus - Fungus & King Daniel
3. Meta-Lude - The Maniac Metalloids (Arsenic, Selenium, Bromine)
4. Everything I Am - Nerverse Condition (Arsenic + Lindsay Rhoda)
5. Sunday Parking - Arsenic
6. Untitled track - Vernon Visqus (Writers Block) & Monolith
7. Native Yard Shit - ILL-Literate Skill
8. Wha Wha - Arsenic

Hidden Formulas - Vol. 1 Mixtape .... 2009 METALLOID LAB PRODUCTIONS
1. Intro
2. Listen (The Right Hand)
3. La La La La La
4. Friend Face!
5. I'm Still Smoking - The Archetypes (Remix)
6. Just Like I feel
7. Hybrid Frequency (Interlude)
8. Pass Me By - The Pharcyde (Arsenic Remix)

vetseunLAAI AF
The First Toke .................................... 2008 METALLOID LAB PRODUCTIONS
1. Intro
2. Im Still Smoking met Archetypes
3. Super Zero met Fungus (Sammy Sparxx) & Big Dre
4. Other 1 Interlude
5. Techno Planet met Endz The Otherness
6. Look Of Love Interlude
7. Analogue Opus met Eavesdrop
8. Jits Interlude met Jitsvinger
9. Outro... 2 Strange Boys met Vernon Visqus & Monolith

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2015 03 27-28 - 16th Cape Town International Jazz Festival: Prophets Of The City, Cannibal Ox, Melanie Scholtz & Jitsvinger; Pacific Express; Jitsenic plus baie meer, Cape Town,

2015 02 06 - Check Your Neck 2: Ben Cesar, Jitsenic (Jitsvinger & Arsenic), , Lord Boolz, Part Phunk, The Jukebox, Chris, Gaudy & A.D.I. Ruthy Pearl, Andy Mkosi, Tiffany Joseph, Emile XY? & Mixed Mense, Mercury Live, 21:00, R50 - Mercury Live - Thyroid Cancer Awareness

2014 10 03 - Check Your Neck: MC Kyeezi, DJ Erefaan Pearce, DJ VF Baby, JJ Fresh, DJ Ruthy Pearl, DJ B-One, Jitsenic (Jitsvinger & Arsenic), Tiffany Joseph, Andy Mkosi, Teba Shumba, Part Phunk, Boolz, Ben Ceasar, Emile XY?, & Mixed Mense, DJ Realrozzano, Mercury Live, 21:00, R60, R80 - Thyroid Cancer Awareness

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