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Amampondo .com
25 Years Of Skins DVD . MZADV 003 M.E.L.T.

An Image Of Africa - Live In Cape Town DVD . DVDAM 4546
1. Mamaliye
2. Zimkile iNkomo
3. Wadenza
4. Gumgedle
5. Umtshingo Nentombi
6. Umfana Ndini
7. Rwakanembe
8. Mujiba
9. Skulumayele
10. Umfana Kabawo
11. Tshikombela
12. Qongqothwane
13. Nomabongo
14. Igazi Lemvana
15. Majola

An Image Of Africa / Umfanekiso Wa Afrika . CDAM 24
1. Nomabongo
2. Majola
3. Umtshingo nentombi
4. Tshikombela
5. Mamaliye
6. Unfana ndini
7. Wandenza
8. Mujiba
9. Soshangane
10. Umfana kabawo
11. Gumgedle
12. Igazi lemvana

Amampondo are a group that give the lie to the popular notion that to be traditional is to be backward. In the words of Dizu, their charismatic leader: " We want to go back as far as we can, to find out about the traditional songs, to find what is good in them, to bring the old, old songs into this time that we are living. That's why we involve some traditional musicians from Tsolo in this album, because we don't want to lose this rich African taste, this rich African culture that we have here in South Africa." Additional artists: The Harmony Singers, Mantombi Matotiana, Nokhawulezile Mdivase, Nomvuyo Ximbi.

African Classics ............. SLCD 148 2008 SHEER
1. Woza
2. Tere Tere
3. Song For Fela
4. Cumbelele
5. Inkosi Yamampondo
6. Kudu Junction
7. Amapheyile
8. Mpondomse
9. Itshintsh' Ikhona
10. Drums For Tomorrow
11. Collective For Changuito
12. Emva Ekhaya
13. Ingoxoxo
14. Gumboot Dance
15. Skhal' Abantwana

Drums For Tomorrow ...... BWSA 096A M.E.L.T.
1. Gumboot Dance
2. Cumbelele (Children's Game)
3. Tere Tere
4. Kudu Junction
5. Drums For Tomorrow
6. Vukani Nobanilele
7. Collective For 'changuito'
8. Nobabheha (Defeat)
9. Ingxoxo (Conversation)
10. Mpondomse
11. Tchokola
12. Salawena
13. Skhal'abantwana

is is Dizu Zungula Plaatjies, Mzwandile Qotoyi, Nkululeko Ludonga, Simpiwe Matole, Blackie Mbizela, Lungiswa Plaatjies, Ntsiki Matole, Xola Mlambo.

Co-produced by Brice Wassy this album represented a departure into a more experimental stage of Amampondo's career which was enriched by their collaborations in 1994 and 95 with some of the finest drummers and percussionists like Changuito (Cuba) Airto Moreira (Brazil) and Brice Wassy. The album scored the group's first SAMA award for the category XHOSA. Brice on the choice of the album title recorded in West Sussex England on a small farm holding with a very akward neighbour" We couldn't play drums that night because it was getting after 5AM, we thought of the neighbours of Brownhill Farm who didn't like music let alone the kind of musicians we are, so we all said ' drums for tomorrow' After five the neighbour demanded to havea break from us but at the same time ignoring dozens of planes taking off from Gatwick fling quite low overhead - signs of modern sickness when machine noise comes before music!"

Amampondo & The Solid Brass Quintet
Intsholo .............................. CDAM 0282

Vuyani ....................................... BW 2143 M.E.L.T.
1. 9 15
2. Seng' Inkomo
3. State Of Emergency
4. African Pride
5. Ndiyakhala
6. Yeye
7. Vuyani - Intro
8. Vuyani
9. Itshintsh' Ikhona
10. Xoliswa
11. Ihobe
12. Abantu Abadala
13. Amapheyile
14. Woza

Vuyani is to celebrate Amampondo's 20 years of music making. It looks forward with some exciting new tracks, whilst drawing from some of their great tunes from the past performed in new ways. Featuring guests from the amazingly talented musicians that live in the townships, often struggling to survive in a country that does not always appreciate its own talent, this is a showcase for the music of Cape Town. To survive for so long in the face of such pressure is quite an achievement, they deserve recognition for their part in keeping Xhosa culture alive and growing. Today the pressures are different and many members of the group are working with young people to teach them how to play traditional instruments. The future in South Africa still looks good ! This is an African album drawing influence from traditional Xhosa songs, music from the rest of Africa and the music of African descendants all over the world. It is an acoustic album with minimum electronics, but the sound is big, it's a celebration of life in the Rainbow Nation, feel free to dance! Play it loud!

Inyama .................................. CDAM 302 MOUNTAIN
1. Inkomo
2. Sasenzeni Na?
3. Inyama
4. Victory
5. Bathi Ndiyabanda
6. Ntombi Lungile
7. Wie Het Vir Jou Gese?
8. Molweni
9. Molweni 2

Heartbeat Of Africa ......... CDAM 00022 MOUNTAIN
1. Skulumayele
2. Uyandibiza
3. Zingqi Zomhlaba Zabantu
4. Mawethu
5. Hayeye
6. Mozambikwe
7. Makoti
8. Kwalanga Bafana
9. Izinyana
10. Bhaqanga
11. Kalagala Embwembwe
12. Skotiaro
13. Uzuko

Raw & Undiluted ..................... MZA 014 M.E.L.T.
1. Woza Nkosi Yethu
2. Umtshingo Nentombi
3. Song For Fela
4. Inkosi Yamapondo
5. Embo
6. Salawena
7. Itshintsh Ikhona
8. Ama Pancho
9. Giya Kasiamore
10. Emva Ekhaya
11. Berimbah
12. Motokale Madosini
13. Mamaliye
14. Ehlemba Kalla Hoe Kemba Kalla Hoa; Kalla Gnemandoro Ikalla Gne Fagnahi

Electric Pondo Land ............... MZA 013 M.E.L.T.
1. Ho Ho Ho
2. Abantu Abadala
3. Uthando Lupilele
4. King Of The Pondos
5. Lesley 4 Way
6. Vujani
7. Mantombe Matotiyana
8. Djembe Amam
9. Inner City
10. Makhulu
11. Salawena
12. Journey
13. Hule Lam

Feel the Pulse Of Africa ..................

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