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Soulfully Yours ........... CSRCD 347 2011 CENTRAL STATION
1. Emacala
2. Soulfully Yours
3. Ngeke K'lunge
4. Imali Yamalobolo
5. Duze Nami
6. Ngiyamthanda
7. Ngawe
8. Blessed Fingers
9. In Common
10. Ungowami
11. Ng'bathe

Soul Deep .................... CSRCD321 2009 CENTRAL STATION
1. Fly Away
2. Ungabathembi
3. Sometimes
4. Things That Lovers Do
5. Mgimtholile
6. Could It Be Love?
7. Heartfelt
8. Sweetie Mguwe
9. Kutsanzana Mawe
10. Mphakamise
11. Love Is In The Air
12. Inside Me
13. Take Me There
14. Ungowam
15. Soul Deep
16. Put You First

South Africa and the world music scene should prepare themselves for a new exciting classy African jazz outfit. Produced and composed by the talented Wandile Moya, Afrotraction is the epitome of African soul and jazz and features the legendary McCoy Mrubata on saxophone and the beautiful Siyavuya Makuzeni on additional vocals. A demo CD from a little known young talent from Nelpruit in South Africa's Mpumalanga province started a journey of musical awe. Mzwandile Moya, whose humble beginnings started in this small town, is a singer, songwriter, bassist, guitarist, pianist and programmer - all without any formal training whatsoever. This is undoubtedly raw talent as never seen before. Showcasing Wandile's musical talent, the album's lounge style music exhibits chilled moods and classy cool sounds. Influences from South America and French speaking Africa are evident in this ethnic musical fusion. A must-have album for any fan of refined elegance with prominent splashes of our Africa! Stylish packaging adds value to the collector, featuring an embossed O Card that will stand out on shelves.

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