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7th Son
Rude Rock Shakedown - Part 2 .
1. Nobody Goes
2. Same Old Story
3. Oceans Of Time
4. Devil Dancing
5. Paddled Out
6. My Favourite Song - Wendy
7. Never Going Back

Rude Rock Shakedown - Part 1 .
1. Soul'd Out
2. Something For Now
3. June
4. Things That You Do
5. No Hollywood
6. Don't Break
7. Lost Without A Name
8. A Dog's Tale
9. Chasing The Sun

Rude Rock Shakedown . CDMUS 337 MUSKETEER

Ontology ........................ CDMUS 330 2009 MUSKETEER
1. Step Outside
2. The Boys Light Up
3. On My Holiday
4. Tokyo
5. Spending Time
6. The One
7. Take A Walk
8. Bleed Me Out
9. Sleight Of Hand
10. Dry Life
11. Lately

Born from the womb of the Mother City, comes a band like no other, a band that defies parameters and exists on the sharp side of 'rude, rock, reggae'. Formed in the summer of 2000, 7th Son quickly grew into an arsenal of acoustics and expanded their backline with the incorporation of some of South Africa'stightest musicians into the mix.
7th Son gained fast popularity, and it wasn't long after the release of their first entirely self-produced album, "Fire in the Rain" that the band began touring the rest of the country regularly, playing at all major clubs and festivals. "Ontology" is 7th Son's 3rd release and represents a more urgent, rockier sound than provious releases. The first single taken from "Ontology" is a cover of the Austrailian Crawl song "The Boys Light Up" which has been accepted on to several SA radio stations. Future releases from "Ontology" will be "On My Holiday" and "Tokyo" both upbeat surf rock tunes.
To date, the band has been seen or heard on/in: MTV Australia, MTV Canada, 5FM, SABC, M-NET Super Sport, East Coast Radio, eTV, FHM, SL magazine, Blunt magazine, Salt Water girl, BPM, LMG, RSG, Good Hope FM, TUKS FM, UCT Radio, MFM, Bush Radio, KFM, Levi's Magazine, Stage magazine, Zig-Zag, as well as publications in local newspapers around the country.

The Boys Light Up CDS .....................

These Days ........................................ 2006
1. What Is It To Love
2. These Days
3. Take A Walk
4. Brand New - Second Hand
5. Without You
6. Untitled

Fire In The Rain .................... ZACD001
1. Thin Ice
2. Up Side Of Down
3. Higher Rising
4. Skanking Shoes
5. Paint The Town
6. Suburban Dub
7. Hit And Run
8. Another Day
9. Drop
10. Take Them Down
11. Settle My World
12. Too Many
13. Politricks
14. Speaking Out
15. Lone Dready Ranger

Suburban Dub ............ SSCD R434 2003 KMD/LOOPHOLE

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