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12th Avenue .com
Sober ............................ CDMUS 327 2008 MUSKETEER
1. The Murder Show
2. Take This Life
3. Over The Edge
4. Time Bomb
5. Better
6. Gone
7. Darkness
8. Faking Heaven
9. Six Feet Under
10. Walk Alone
11. Sober
12. Eulogy

12th Avenue is a 4-piece Rock band consisiting of Mark Haze (vocals/guitar), Bjorn Faree (guitar), Stanley Hill (bass) and Gareth Haze (drums). Hailing vetseunfrom Cape Town, SA, the band is quickly becoming one of the hottest live acts in SA and with the release of their latest album "Sober", 12th Avenue are embarking on a huge set of nationwide tours.
The band has just released "Sober", the third and final chapter in the "Crazy" trilogy, which tells the story of two fictional characters "Anjee" and "12". The album was recorded at LMX Studios in Constantia, Cape Town, SA and it was produced by top Canadian Producer, Moon. Moon also produced the band's past two albums, "Crazy" and "Insane".
"Sober" was released through Musketeer Records, who are also Seether's SA label. 12th Avenue recently had the honour of supporting Seether on all the dates of their Homecoming SA Tour.
12th Avenue has achieved great success already with the single "Crazy", which maintained the Number One position on the Hi-5 @ 5 on 5FM for six consecutive weeks in 2006. The EP "Crazy", which was also produced by Moon, was also voted "Album of the Year" by in the same year. The band's single, "Living in my Life" off the album "Insane", also acheived the Number One spot on 5FM's . Hi-5 @ 5 and stayed on the chart for almost four months.

Insane .................................................
1. 911
2. Beds Are Burning
3. Don't Care
4. Anjee & Me
5. Can't Bring Me Down
6. Losing My Mind
7. Insane
8. Living In My Life
9. Tear Your Heart Away
10. Monkey
11. Head Above The Water

Crazy EP ........................... F1000965 2005 BOWLINE
1. Crazy
2. Leave It All Behind
3. Single
4. Fall Again
5. Soul

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2007 03 02, 03 - Ramfest: Twisted Playground: Battery 9, Fokofpolisiekar, Lark, The Awakening, Velve, Mind Assault, ManInSuit, 12th Avenue, The Real Estate Agents, Her Pretty Face, Spinnekop, Scarlet Host, Horrorcast, Noctivian, Ras Tami And The Warriors, Rhymatic, Donkermag, League Of Shadows, Jubilee, Nekkies Holiday Resort, Worcester, 17:00, R149, R169 - -

2005 07 02 - Sun To Moon Rock Festival 2005: Sun Bands: Stick Up Kid, Duck & Cover, Black Rabbit, Dubway, Rage Tribute, Soil 7T7, Moon Bands: Sugardrive, KOBUS!, Wickhead, 16Stitch, 12th Avenue, Funeral God, Zeplin's The Club, 384 Pretorius Street, Pretoria, R50

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