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Marc Lottering
vetseunLAAI AF
Keep You Distance CDS .................. 2020
met DJ Ready D, Jerome Rex, YOMA, Early B, Blake Hellaby, Bliksemstraal, Frazer Barry, Stizomayn, Lea Vega & Marc Lottering (Shihaam Domingo)

I Don't Work On Sundays DVD . NF13035DVD 2013 NU-METRO

Marc Lottering is a household name in South Africa. He hails from Cape Town and is considered to be one of the Country's top stand-up comedians. I DON T WORK ON SUNDAYS is another one of Lottering s hit shows which toured South Africa in 2012. The show features Lottering in top form, where he expresses his unique views on a broad range of topics that tickle his fancy, ranging from Dog Whisperers, to his fascination with reality TV.
Lottering also explains exactly as to why it is that he refuses to work on Sundays. This performance was filmed at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town.


MARC LOTTERING - NOT IN 3D features Marc's brand new stand-up, as well as hilarious impersonations of his popular characters, Smiley, Colleen, Travis and Auntie Merle. NOT IN 3D was filmed at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town in Feb 2011.

Hallelujah! DVD 100min . LAG 04/DV 2007 BLIK MUSIEK/SELECT

regisseur David Kramer

LIVE 2DVD 89min . LAG 03 2005 BLIK MUSIEK
Disk 1: From The Cape Flats With Love DVD
Disk 2: Big Stakes and Slap Chips DVD

regisseur, David Kramer

One of South Africa's top stand-up comics, Marc Lottering captures the essence of the Cape Flats in his impersonations of various characters. In 1999 and in 2003, David Kramer directed Marc Lottering in FROM THE CAPE FLATS WITH LOVE and BIG STAKES AND SLAP CHIPS, earning the duo 5 Vita nominations and 2 Vita Awards.

Big Stakes and Slap Chips DVD .

Big Stakes and Slap Chips Earned Lottering a second Vita Award for Best Performance in Comedy. Gambling forms the underlying theme as the show travels through the lives of Lottering's popular cape flats characters. He also introduces us to newcomer Lorna du Ploy, who plans to emigrate to Australia after the sale of her pawn shop on Koeberg Road. Familiar characters include Auntie Merle from Belgravia Road, smiley the taxi "gaartjie", Grassy Park songstress Galatia Geduldt, Colleen the cashier from hell, and Travis the party animal.

From The Cape Flats With Love: Live At The Baxter DVD 78 min . 2001

Vita Award Winning comedian Marc Lottering captures the essence of the cape flats in his impersonations of five characters. We meet Colleen, the permanent-casual at till no 7, Travis the king of clubbing, Smiley the taxi "gaartjie", Auntie Merle the housewife from Belgravia Road and Galatia geduld the aspirant pop diva from Grassy Park. Marc also performs his inimitable stand-up comedy and sings at the piano.

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