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Julian Roup (Roup, Julian)
Boerejood (Biografie) .. 2004 JACANA
ISBN: 9781770090224

This is a book that goes beyond politics with the very human story of one man, giving insight into the hearts and minds of a people struggling to find their identity as white Africans trying to secure their place in Africa. They are seen through the eyes of a Boerejood - a half Afrikaans, half Jewish writer - who struggles himself with issues of identity, reflecting the struggle around him. In the final analysis Boerejood is about the universal human struggle between good and evil, black and white, justice and injustice, love and hate - all that defines us as being human. It takes the reader on an astonishing and remarkable journey of discovery, the destination being the soul of the Afrikaner, and an answer to why these people accepted black majority rule with relatively no struggle, after years of racist persecution of their black and brown neighbours. Julian Roup was born and lived in Cape Town for the first 30 years of his life. He started his working life as a biscuit salesman before doing a journalism degree at Rhodes University in Grahamstown. He moved to England in 1980 and worked in local journalism in Sussex before changing direction once more to work in PR consultancies in London. He later founded his own PR consultancy, which he ran for 10 years. He is the author of 'A Fisherman in the Saddle', a book about his twin passions, fishing and horse riding. He currently works for an international fine art auction house in London. He is married with two children and lives in the Kent-Sussex border country known as the Weald.

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