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Inè Reynierse (Reynierse, Inè)
Die Avonture Van Prof Ontplof - Volume 2 . LBMD084 2013 LOUIS BRITTZ MUSIEK

Die Avonture Van Prof Ontplof - Volume 1 . 2013 MERCHANT/RSG
- Soos vertel deur Riaan Cruywagen, Verna Vels en Inè Reynierse
1. Die Sheep - P - S Avontuur
2. Die Vergeet-Komeet Avontuur
3. Die Ama Zinki-Zinki Avontuur
4. Die Langvinger-Wolkvanger Avontuur

"Die Avonture Van Prof Ontplof" stock has arrived at Merchant Music and is now available from us! You can expect it in stores within the next few weeks. This new Afrikaans children stories CD has been written specially to take our children on adventures, to make them laugh, to let them use their imagination and to expose them to life lessons and Christian values. It is ideal for 4-9 year old's, but we are positive that children of all ages will enjoy these stories! Volume 1 consists out of 4 stories of 12-15 minutes each. What makes this even more unique is that the voices of the Afrikaans legends, Riaan Cruywagen (the voice of Prof Ontplof that builds gadgets) & Verna Vels (the voice of Ham Burger, the porcupine), were used. Inè Reynierse, the writer of these stories, is the voice of Kiekie Magrietjie le Roux, the 8-year old girl who likes to go on adventures where she can help people.

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