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Cokey Falkow
Live And Uncensored DVD . KMD 010 KMD
1. Intro
2. Dragons
3. Spooning
4. Drugs & 330
5. Bonus Features

"Recorded over a number of packed live performances at the Catalina theatre in Durban just weeks before the Grahamstown Festival, it's Cokey doing what he does best, entertaining you within an inch of your sanity and making you laugh until it hurts. Sometimes, it feels as though, he's just saying the first thing that comes into his rather strange mind, (flying monkeys, Smurfs and all!) he touches on everything from life in Durban, the 'rave scene', women, sex, growing up and life in general. Mostly he's just really funny, the consummate 'Stand Up Comic'.
The DVD also features various extra footage from the same block of Catalina
performances, as well as a show recorded at On Broadway in August 2004 as well as two short films titled 'Milk' and 'Run From the Hills'.
Sit back and be entertained!" - KMD

skakels :

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