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Buster & Bella

2021 11 20 - Buster & Bella, Ruhan du Toit, Ivan Roux, Robbie Wessels, Jo Black, Lavender Kontrei Mark, 10:30,

En Die 8 Talente DVD . DVDJUKE 70 2018 JUKEBOX
- Karaoke Bonus! Sing al 12 nuwe liedjies sam met Buster & Bella!
- 13 Liedjies met die stemme van Hendri Myburgh as Buster & Lianie May as Bella

Since its release in 2014, "Buster die brak" (Buster the dog) has already left deep footprints in the hearts of children across South Africa. Shortly after its release, it won the 2015 GHOEMA Award for best Children's DVD. This Afrikaans, Christian based brand, brings messages of God's Word and teaches important life skills for holistic family development and provides professional, but practical solutions for every household.
2018 introduces Bella, Buster's adopted Guinea-sister, to join on a new journey of self-discovery. The writers include renowned Play Therapist, Arette Burger (B.Soc.Sc (MA) Play Therapy) and San-Marié Nel (actress and BSocSci Honours Psychology student). Together they ensure a well-researched product based on years of professional experience, which include the holistic evaluation of more than 3000 children in therapy. The CD includes 13 original songs and 13 Therapeutic stories. The stories specifically aim to enhance auditory stimulation, a powerful and often neglected tool in scholastic success. All songs (also included in the DVD) are co-written by multi-award winning South African songwriter, JOHAN VORSTER. Buster's voice is brought to life by radio presenter and actor, HENDRI MYBURGH (Die GROOT Ontbyt on kykNET / Groot FM 90.5, As Jy Sing, kykNET Revue 2016) and well-known Afrikaans singer LIANIE MAY joins as the singing voice of Bella.
The DVD evolves around the 8 Mulitple Intelligence Types by American Psychologist, Howard Gardner. This is used as a tool to help children develop a clear understanding of their identities, and how everyone is "smart" in a different way. Simultaneously parents can learn to understand themselves and their children, driving unity and growth in families to a level of full potential. Throughout the guidance of the Holy Spirit and spiritual weapons, such as Thanksgiving and worship, are used to overcome every challenge.
The aim is to help children understand the Holy Spirit as their counsellor, helper and best friend that never leaves them; a perfect message and theme for Easter. The theme of bullying is also addressed. These powerful messages of hope are well-balanced with a therapeutic flavour right through the CD and DVD.
In a world focusing on the strongest, smartest and fastest child, every individual will be able to identify with this. It will help improve children's ability to handle conflict, increase emotional intelligence and also enhance the capacity of children to accommodate, respect and compliment the diversity of others. You cannot send your child into the world without these powerful messages!

Slimstieks 2CD ........ CDJUKE 191 2018 JUKEBOX/UNIVERSAL
- Dit maak sin, want ons almal is so anders SLIM!
- Stemme van Buster & Bella deur Hendri Myburgh & Lianie May
Disk 1:
1. Bella En Die Twee Deure
2. Kies Die Lewe
3. Twee Is Beter As Een
4. Saam Is Ons Meer
5. 'n Brief Uit A-mierieka
6. Ons Sal Bou
7. Bella Se Nuwe Rokkie
8. Kreatief
9. Kriek Vang 'n Slang
10. Bou Of Breek Ons
11. E-woud Was Alweer Stout
12. Naturalis
13. Kyk Of Jy Tante Koen Se 39 Kinders Kan Opnoem
14. Woordslim
Disk 2:
1. Die Gym Avontier
2. Lyfslim
3. Die Storie Van My Kop In 'n Neutedop
4. Wiskundeslim
5. Pedrig En Sy Sertifigraad
6. Musiekslim
7. Bontie En Die Goeie Herder
8. My Beste Vriend
9. Niks Kan My Stop Nie
10. Niks Kan My Stop Nie (Pt. 2)
11. Saadjies
12. Buster Medley

skakels :

2020 04 03-04 - Koster Dam Eisbeinfees: Snotkop, Dewald Wasserfall, Albert de Wet, Buster & Bella, Lizz Meiring, Koster Dam,

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