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Barry Hilton (The Cousin)

2022 05 18 - Barry Hilton Unscripted, Mel's Place

Barry Hilton 4DVD Collection .
Disk 1: Outrageous DVD
Disk 2: Serial Comic DVD
Disk 3: The Cousin DVD
Disk 4: Afri-Cousin DVD

Serial Comic DVD . SBHD-003

Filmed in the Lyric Theatre at Gold Reef City where Barry performed to sold out audiences.

Finding Lenny DVD film 183min . 2009

met Russel Savadier, Barry Hilton, Yule Masiteng, regisseur, Neal Sundstrom

The retail release also includes a bonus disc featuring Barry Hilton in his hilarious live performance of Afri-Cousin that was recorded at Emperor's Palace. The 3rd DVD released by "The Cousin", Barry Hilton includes an 83 minute show, an interview with the Cousin and a photo gallery.

Working Class Cousin DVD 86min . BHDVD01/SBHD-002 2008

"Take a front-row centre seat as one of South Africa's most popular comedians treats his fans to a fantastic concert. Filmed live at Port Elizabeth's Opera House, Hilton delights and entertains with his unique and side-splitting impressions and observations on a host of social, political and family issues. Barry Hilton at his hilarious best!"

Afri-Cousin: LIVE at Emperor's Palace DVD . SBHD-001

vetseun (FREE met FINDING LENNY)
Afri-Cousin: LIVE at Emperor's Palace DVD 83min . STIDVD008 2005 STING MUSIEK

"I love this work, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Besides without you guys I would have no money." Afri-Cousin, South African comedy for South Africans and beyond..."

Down Under LIVE DVD . CDR685 2005 CDR/BOWLINE

Barry Hilton, "The Cousin", South Africa's most popular International stand-up comedian, performs his original brand of South African humour live in Australia.

Here We Go Again... VHS/DVD 60min . VJUMP 2010 2001 JUMP

Here We Go Again... ......................... 2000 JUMP
1. Intro
2. Visiting London
3. Flying Home
4. It's A Tough Country
5. Cape Town
6. Robben Island
7. My Grandad
8. My Kids
9. Two Words You Can't Say
10. Playing Golf (met Naas & Darren)
11. People Worry Too Much - Animals Handle It
12. The Laughing Tobacco
13. Raves
14. Bmw Drivers
15. Watching Movies
16. Gout
17. Apollo
18. Dinosaurs
19. Kak Is Such A Lekker Word

"An Evening Of Side-Splitting Humour By Your Favourite Cousin!"

LIVE (& Switched On) VHS 57min 1997/DVD . RBDVD 3 UNIVERSAL

LIVE (& Switched On) . MORCD606 1996 DAWN MUSIC/TEAL
1. Intro
2. Kempton Park Is Rough
3. My Wife
4. Lost City Including Valley Of The Waves
5. Traffic Cops
6. I'm Superfit
7. Taxis
8. Tennis
9. Alsation
10. Boxers Are My Best
11. Alien Nation
12. Dunswart - Etc Etc Etc
13. Soccer (British Soccer)
14. Portuguese Leb
15. Sandton Clinic
16. The Operation
17. Childbirth
18. Doctors
19. New Freeedom
20. Condoms
21. Blue Movie - The Soundtrack
22. Dutchmen Are My Best
23. The Floods Including Heaven
24. Chameleons
25. Have U Been To A Rave
26. Parents And Alcohol
27. Hair Dressers
28. My Chevy Van & The Caravan
29. Cfc's In The Bathroom
30. My Favourite Dutchman Joke
31. I Hate You, You Bitch
32. The Stuttering Bum
33. The Mexican Song
34. Elvin Prinsloo & Mellow Yellow
35. Lebs
36. Cannibals
37. Ugandan Airways
38. Crocodiles In The River
39. Seagulls & Trains
40. Short Gags & Others
41. In Court With... & 'the Cockeral Song'
42. True Story

Recorded Live at Berties - Randburg Waterfront
"A Hilarious Evening of Sidesplitting Jokes And One Liners!"

Having a Laugh in London .

1986 - Eerste inheemse komediant by Sun City Extravaganza Theatre
1985 - Eerste inheemse komediant by Wild Coast Sun International, Kwa-Zulu Natal

One For The Road ..........................

vetseunLAAI AF
I'm A Cousin ......................................
1. Family
2. Cousin
3. Kids
4. Glad I'm A Dad
5. When I Come From England
6. Howzit
7. Krroke Bars
8. Friday Night
9. Work And Money
10. Money
11. ...
12. I Don't smaak It
13. Golf (I Can't Play It)
15. Shit
16. I Can't Do Sport Cause I'm Fat
17. Fatties
18. Fat Man
19. Wind Of Flatulence
20. The Trouble Bubble Song
21. Smoking
22. Smoking
23. Nicotine Junkie
24. Try & Try & Tray Again
25. Give Me A ...

skakels : :

One of South Africa's best-loved comedians, Barry Hilton, pulls out all the stops for audiences in Johannesburg when he performs at the Nelson Mandela Theatre at the Johannesburg Civic Theatre for two shows only on the 27 & 28 June 2008. Barry's original brand of South African humour covers universal issues, especially ones that apply to the family and current affairs. He has a knack of taking every day situations and turning them into hilarious skits on stage.

Barry Hilton is a household name in South Africa and audiences love his irrepressible sense of humour! He is a skilful and engaging entertainer and his shows are invariably sold out well in advance.

Known as the cleanest comic around, his unique brand of humour has an uncanny ability to entertain and it shows an awareness of the fine line between laughing at and laughing with the jokes about an array of 'sensitive' issues. He has the knack of taking every day situations and turning them into hilarious skits on stage. Barry Hilton is undoubtedly South Africa's best-loved funny man!

Not only does Barry enjoy sell out South African tours, he performed to sold-out audiences around the globe. He was also the first South African stand-up comedian to perform at the prestigious London comedy club, The Comedy Store.

Don't miss out on BARRY HILTON TUNING YOU SINCE '82, at the Nelson Mandela Theatre on 27 & 28 June 2008. More info on

Tickets available from Computicket and are R150 which excludes Computicket service charges.

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