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Van Coke Wallet presents: Francois van Coke Unplugged in Pretoria - powered by UBU
Photo by Jaco S. Venter

FRANCOIS VAN COKE has teamed up with UBU International to bring you the Van Coke Wallet mobile app.

This easy to use free app is a great cashless solution and will be launched at Francois van Coke Unplugged in Pretoria on Sunday, 20 December.

The pandemic has kept Francois from performing in front of a live audience for far too long. He is excited to take his unplugged show to Pretoria to perform on the lawn in the fantastic Loftus Park setting.

Because of the Level 1 COVID-19 restrictions, the event's tickets will be limited to 500 only.

But, not to worry as the event will also be livestreamed and anyone can watch the show in real time from anywhere in the world.

This is a first for Francois and his team. Since lockdown level 5, Francois and his team have produced 5 livestream shows, but never combined with a live show and a big audience.

"This is once again an interesting space and time. We are allowed to perform for a maximum of 500 people outside, but even that is still limiting and does not really justify the costs of producing a quality outdoor show. I believe that we have proven that we can produce good quality and entertaining livestreams. So, let's integrate the two and hopefully this will be a solution in the interim and the new way that we do live shows in the future,'' says Francois.

Tickets and the Van coke Wallet:
The live and livestream tickets will be available to purchase through the Van Coke Wallet. Your live show Ticket QR code will then be available in your wallet's 'my tickets' section.

On the day of the event, you will access the livestream from within the Van Coke Wallet app; making this an easy all-in-one solution for this kind of event and potential future events.

At the Francois van Coke Unplugged in Pretoria event, punters can use the Van Coke Wallet to pay for drinks and food at any of the participating vendors at Loftus Park.

The Van Coke Wallet also features special deals, discount vouchers and up to 10% cashback with every purchase of goods and services from participating vendors. The cashback is redeemed by spending it on show tickets, livestream tickets, Van Cokes merchandise, or with any of the vendors within the Van Coke Wallet.

Special deal when you download the Van Coke Wallet:
You can earn 50% when you top up your wallet with R50, R200 or R500. If you take up all the offers, you get R375 extra (on the house) to spend. This means you can pay for your Unplugged in Pretoria ticket (R200), PLUS the livestream ticket for this concert (R150) and still have an extra R25 in your wallet - all of this out of the 'extra' money you get by loading your wallet.

Download the Van Coke Wallet for free from your Google Play or Apple App Store.

It is super easy to top up with your credit card or debit card. The Van Coke Wallet sports easy how-to-use instructions which explains everything you need to know about how all the features work.

Since there are only 500 tickets available, download the app NOW, load the 50% top up specials and get your tickets now to avoid disappointment (this year has been hard enough!).

Francois van Coke Unplugged in Pretoria

Date: Sunday, 20 December 2020
Venue: Loftus Park or LIVESTREAM from your home.
Gates open: 12pm
Performance time: 4pm
Tickets prices: Live show: R200 (limited to 500 tickets) and Livestream: R150
Tickets: Available from the Van Coke Wallet app (Download for FREE from Google Play & Apple App stores.)
Tickets support contact details:

Good to know the live concert:

Good to know livestream:


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