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Rock Documentary - Zeegunst: By Invite Only
2CD kompilasie ................................ 2015
- Bewarea Benefit New Year's Fest
- Zeegunst, Franschoek 30 & 31 Desember 2010/11
Disk 1: Acoustic CD
1. Better Than This - The Black Cat Bones
2. Sweet Home Alabama - Basson Laubscher & Jaco Mans
3. Sysie September - Piet Botha & Akkedisvetseun
4. Mamma Afrika - Akkedis
5. Colour Of Love - Albert Meintjes
6. Fat People - William Welfare
7. Moral Code - Ann Jangle
8. Thrill Is Gone - Akkedis
9. Sweet Home Chicago - Basson Laubscher
10. Hard Time Killing Floor Blues - Ann Jangle
Disk 2: Bonus CD
1. Soek Skoor - Akkedis
2. Malkopman Van Malelane - Dirk Ace & Da Faith Machine
3. Shakanoppa Ahoy Namasakki Wha! - DADA-FM
4. Catfish Blues - Albert Frost Trio
5. Same Thing - Albert Frost
6. John Lee Hooker Medley - Gerald Clarke
7. Who Do You Love? - Gerald Clarke
8. What I Want - Stefan Dixon
9. Summer Day - The Smoking Mojos
10. Soft Top Cadillac - The Smoking Mojos
11. Kerrewên Country - Myburgh
12. Kuslangs - Myburgh
13. Morrison Hotel - Piet Botha
14. Hurt - Piet Botha
15. Suitcase Vol Winter - Piet Botha
16. Sysie September - Piet Botha

This is a rock documentary with a difference. Hidden among the South African dunes of Vlees Bay and Fransmanshoek's nature reserve and conservation area you'll find the private holiday property of the four Hanekom brothers named Zeegunst.
For the past eight years Zeegunst has hosted one of the most legendary, private new year's parties showcasing some of South Africa's best live rock and blues bands... and you're not invited.
Afrikaans singer-songwriter and Rolling Stone SA writer Willim Welsyn had to perform at four of these private parties to gain the trust of the bands and the Hanekom family to produce this unique music documentary which gives the viewer exclusive access to one of South Africa's best kept musical secrets.
The documentary investigates the Hanekom brothers' logistical building blocks and motives for hosting one of the most exciting new year's festivals in the country.
With insightful interviews and live recordings of some of the most legendary local fringe bands and artists like Piet Botha, Akkedis, The Black Cat Bones, Albert Frost, Gerald Clark, Ann Jangle, William Welfare, Southern Gypsey Queen en Dirk Ace of the Voëlvry movement - Zeegunst tells the underground story of one family's ambitious efforts to begin the new year on a high note.
The artists are carefully selected, the guests even more.

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