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Tales Of Drums Of Africa - The Heartbeat of a Continent
kompilasie ...................... SLCD 155 2008 SHEER
1. Ikhaya Lisemomondweni - Fidel Pondo
2. Indlamo - Rubs
3. Song For Fela - Amampondo
4. Cha Cha Lomozumba - L.A.P.
5. Sfebe Sendoda - DZM Project & The Amampondo Choir
6. Agangoma Bashaya Umoya - Sangoma Susan Hendricks & Traditional Healers met Airto Moreira & Mabi Thobejane
7. Ngihawukele Thonga Lami - Sangoma Susan Hendricks & Traditional Healers
8. Sangoma - Rubs
9. Gumboot Dance - Amampondo
10. Mafumfunyana - L.A.P.
11. Balengu Village - Brice Wassy
12. Song For Changuito - Amampondo
13. Ihashi Percussion - Fidel Pondo
14. Lerene Gathi - L.A.P.
15. Ximanga - Rubs
16. Woza - Amampondo
17. Majolo Percussion - Fidel Pondo
18. Ingoma Ya Baliwa - Rubs
19. Nyoka - Rubs
20. Inkosi Yamampondo - Amampondo

The Mother of all drumming albums "DRUMS FOR AFRICA"" lands just in time to capitalise on the tourist market for Christmas, and thereafter - A stellar album featuring the likes of Amampondo, Mabi Thobejane, Airto Moreira, CHANGUITO, L.A.P., Sangoma Susan Hendricks & Traditional Healers, and many more!
A variey of Southern African drumming styles are represented; from the gutsy raw and highly traditional to smooth and polished studio arrangements, also with a look into the future with some groundbreaking representations from L.A.P. Both vocally accompanied and purely instrumental tracks find a home here.
An essential album to ensure is up front in stores wherever tourists visit ? also for other lovers of fine African music, this is a release that will be loved, supported and related to.

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