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Sound Power 8
kompilasie LP .................. ASF 1810 1974 CBS
Side One:
1. Waterloo (Andersson, Anderson, Ulvaeus)
2a. Seasons In The Sun (Brel, McKuen)
2b. Miss Eva Goodnight (M. McCully, T. McCully)
3a. You're Sixteen (Sherman)
3b. How Come (Lane, Westlake)
4a. Jet (McCartney)
4b. Hurry On Home (Macloud)
5a. Little Jimmy (Wayne)
5b. I Shall Sing (Van Morrison)
6a. The Man Who Sold The World (Bowie)
6b. Sorrow (Feldman, Goldstein, Gottehrer)
7a. You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me (Macauly, Stevens)
7b. Paper Roses (Torre, Spielman)
8a. I Love You Love Me Love (Glitter, Leander)
8b. School Love (De Paul, Blue)
Side Two:
1a. The Peacemaker (A. Hammond)
1b. Everything I Want To Do (A. Hammond, M. Hazelwood)
2a. The Show Must Go On (Leo Sayer)
2b. Who's In The Strawberry Patch With Sally (Levine, Brown)
3a. Hello Girl (Wilspn)
3b. Loving You (M. Stevenson)
4a. Tiger Feet (Chinn, Chapman)
4b. How Can It Be (Lea, Holder)
5a. Charlie (R. Gil, E. Millian)
5b. Another Town, Another Train (Anderson, Ulvaeus)
6a. Star (J. Egan)
6b. Welcome Home (Dupre, Beldone, Blackburn)
7a. Je'taime Je'taime (C. Vangarde, P. Delanor)
7b. Shady Lady (Shepstone, Dibbens)
8a. If You Need Me (Pickett, Bateman, Sanders)
8b. The Wonder Of Your Love (J. Wayne)
8c. The Entertainer (Scott Joplin)

Sound Power 7
kompilasie LP ......................................... CBS

Sound Power 6
kompilasie LP ................. ASF.1750 1973 CBS
Side One:
1. Blockbuster; Today's A Tomorrow
2. I'd Love You To Want Me; Ben
3. Gudbuy T' Jane; Cum Feel The Noize
4. Over And Over Again; Yellow Boomerang
5. Take Me Home Country Roads; Speak To The Sky
6. Anabel; I'm On Fire
7. Garden Party; Wake Up Wake Up
8. You're So Vain; It Never Rains In Southern California
Side Two:
1. Dreams Are Ten A Penny; Hello-A
2. We Believe In Tomorrow; Home Isn't Home Anymore
3. Crocodile Rock; Everybody Needs Some Love
4. I Don't Wanna Play House; Clair
5. I Need Your Love; You'll Always Be A Friend
6. Woman (Beautiful Woman)
7. There Are More Questions Than Answers; Bottoms Up

Arrangement By Grahame Beggs And Johnny Boshoff
Engineers, Backtracks And Overdubs - P. Thwaites
Aditional Overdubs - P. Cironio
Produced By Grahame Beggs For Breakaway Music

Sound Power 5
kompilasie LP .................. ASF 1725 1972 CBS
Side One:
1a. Sunshine Lover (Boone, McQueen)
1b. Talk Of The U.S.A. (Scott, M. Capuano, G. Capuano)
2a. Take Me Bak'Ome (Lea Holder)
2b. Long Cool Woman (Cook. Clarke, Greenaway)
3. Polly You're Proud (Ronertson, Wensley)
4a. I Need Someone (Garrity)
4b. Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me (M. Davis)
5a. Brandy (E. Lurie)
5b. It's So Nice To Be With You (J. Gold)
6. Burning Love (Linde)
7a. Run To Me (B. Gibb, R. Gibb, M. Gibb)
7b. Everlasting Faith (Dempsey)
Side Two:
1a. Sunday Monday Tuesday (Morris)
1b. It's Too Late Now (Dempsey)
2a. Rock And Roll Part 2 (G. Glitter, M. Leander)
2b. Every Day Every Night (Panzeri, Pace, Dempsey, Edmond)
3. All The Young Dudes (Bowie)
4a. Mamma Papa Nana Nana (Arbex, Van Hemmert)
4b. Popcorn (Brown)
5a. I Can See Clearly Now (J. Nash)
5b. Shay-Laka-Day (Robertson, Singerman)
6a. Shine A Little Light (Flett, Fletcher)
6b. Little Willy; Wig Wam Bam (Chinn, Chapman)
7a. Sylvia's Mother (S. Silverstein)
7b. Carry Me Carrie (S. Silverstein)

Sound Power 4
kompilasie LP ................. ASF.1686 1972 CBS
Side 1:
1. Son Of My Father, Beg, Steal Or Borrow, Pasadena, Cousin Norman
2. Mother And Child Reunion, Soley Soley, Shaft Theme, Too Late (To Be Saved)
3. Mother, Without You, Too Beautiful To Last, Glory Glory Hallelujah
4. How Do You Do, Heart Of Gold, Brand New Key
5. Song Sung Blue, I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Amen
Side 2:
1. Beautiful Sunday, Sacramento, Amarillo, Hello Buddy
2. Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress, Mighty Mighty And Roly Poly, Don't Go Down To Reno
3. Renge' Kyo, Rock 'n' Roll Lullaby, Day After Day
4. Arizona Man
5. Amazing Grace, Rockin' Robin, Young New Mexican Puppeteer, It's Too Late Now
6. Poppa Joe, Stir It Up, High And Dry

Sound Power 3
kompilasie LP ................. ASF 1628 1971 CBS
- featuring Mammy Blue by Charisma -
Side One:
1a. Co Co (Chinn, Chapman)
1b. Me And You And A Dog Named Boo (K. Lavoie)
1c. Funny Funny (Chinn, Chapman)
2a. He's Gonna Step On You Again (Kongos, Demetriou)
2b. The Seagull's Name Was Nelson (Bennett)
2c. Have You Ever Seen The Rain (Fogerty)
3. Charisma - Mammy Blue (H. Giraud)
4a. Butterfly (D. Gerard, H. Barnes, R. Bernet)
4b. The Bannerman (Flowers, Cook, Greenaway)
4c. Sally Sunshine (Stephens, Reed)
5a. Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum (Stott, G. Capuano, M. Capuano)
5b. Rosy Rosie (Juwens, Jay)
5c. I Did What I Did For Maria (Mitch Murray, Peter Callander)
Side 2:
1a. Sweet Hitchhiker (J.C. Fogerty)
1b. Joy To The World (H. Axton)
1c. Sea Cruise (Smith, Vincent)
2a. Never Ending Song Of Love (Delaney, Bramlett)
2b. Jakaranda (H. Stott)
3a. Hey (Mike Matthews)
3b. Boom Sha La La Lo (Bruce Woodley, Hans Paulsen)
3c. Money Baby (Aidon Mason)
4a. Draggin' The Line (Tommy James, Bob King)
4b. Long Days And Lonely Nights (Patrick van Blerk)
4c. Time After Time (Terry Dempsey)
5a. Lady Rose (Dorset)
5b. Throw A Little Love My Way (Dante, Allen)
5c. I'm Gonna Run Away From You (Berns)

Recording Engineer: R. Vermolen
Arranged And Produced By Grahame Beggs Of "Breakaway Music"

Sound Power
Arizona Man / I Found Love 7" . SSC.1125 1971 CBS

Sound Power 2
kompilasie LP .................. ASF 1527 1969 CBS

Sound Power
kompilasie LP ............. S-ASF 1550 1970 CBS
Side 1:
1a. Mama Told Me Not To Come (R. Newman)
1b. Up Around The Bend (Fogerty)
1c. Mama Told Me Not To Come (R. Newman)
2a. Groovin' With Mr. Bloe (Gentry, Nauman, Laguna)
2b. Working On A Good Thing (Calder, Vee)
2c. Polyanna (Davis)
3a. I'm A Man (S. Winwood, J. Miller)
3b. Beginnings (R. Lamm)
4a. Lola (Davies)
4b. Neanderthal Man (Godley, Creme, Stewart)
4c. In The Summertime (Ray Dorset)
5a. Come Softly To Me (Troxie, Christoper, Ellis)
5b. Let It Be Me (Curtis, Becaud, Delanoe)
5c. Song Of Joy (Orbe, W. De Los Roos)
Side 2:
1a. Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha (Mitch Murray, Peter Colard, Jock Stephens)
1b. Yellow River (Christie)
1c. Love Is A Beautiful Song (T. Dempsey)
2a. Are You Ready (C. Allen, J. Hill)
2b. Make Me Smile (J. Pankou)
3a. Cecilia (Simon)
3b. Melody Man (Cole)
3c. Come And Get It (McCartney)
4a. Brown Eyes (Andrews)
4b. Sunshine (Barry, Bloom)
4c. Mademoiselle Ninette (Hildbrand, Winhaur)
5a. Lay A Little Lovin' On Me (J. Barry, R. McNamara, Crececos)
5b. When Julie Comes Around (Vance, Lee Pockriss)
5c. Cottonfields (Huddy Leadbetter)

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