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Ronnie's Sex Shop - Vol II
kompilasie ...........................
1. Blow It All Away - Rubber Soul
2. All You Have To Say - HappyFourTwenty
3. Awakening - HappyFourTwenty
4. Star Crossed Lover - Norway Girl
5. Hi My Love - Kent O'Shea
6. Fool For Lesser Things - Rubber Soul
7. Like A River - HappyFourTwenty
8. Woman Of Many Faces - HappyFourTwenty
9. Winter Sun - Rubber Soul
10. Roaches - Rubber Soul

Ronnie's Sex Shop has had visitors from all over the world, judging by the graffiti, it has also become a regular pitstop for bikers, the local farmers and people travelling the world famous Route 62 through the Little Karoo.
Ronnie's Sex Shop Vol II. features a rare collection of easy listening, melodic acoustic/alternative/pop/rock songs from five independent South African artists including Rubber Soul, A.P.E, HappyFourTwenty, Norway Girl and Kent O'Shea. This collection of 10 songs is perfect driving music, especially for cruising the picturesque Route 62 in South Africa.

Ronnie's Sex Shop - Vol. 1
kompilasie ...........................
1. Sing Your Life - HappyFourTwenty
2. Sooner Than Later - Kent O'Shea
3. Will You Ever Feel - Rubber Soul
4. Ecstacy - HappyFourTwenty
5. The Enemy Within Me - HappyFourTwenty
6. What You Doing To Me - HappyFourTwenty
7. Take What You Want - HappyFourTwenty
8. Safe Tripping - Alternative Pop Evolution
9. Let It Go - Rubber Soul
10. Nicotine - Alternative Pop Evolution

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