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Rock'n'Roll Revival - Volume 1
kompilasie LP .............. BRIGL 1800 1986 BRIGADIERS MUSIEK/RPM/SAUK
Side One:
1. TV 4 Rock 'N' Roll Theme (Loader/Cocker) - All
2. Medley: (a) Party (Robinson) - All
(b) Jailhouse Rock (Lieber/Stoller) - All
3. Johnny B. Goode (Berry) - Archie Coker and the Cupie Dolls
4. Medley: (a) Shake Rattle & Roll (Calhoun) - Dickie Loader
(b) Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On (Williams/David) - Dickie Loader
(c) Tutti Frutti (Penniman/Lubin) - Dickie Loader
5. Summertime Blues (Capehart/Cochran) - The Staccatos
6. Blueberry Hill (Lewis/Rose/Stock) - Archie Coker
7. Cathy's Clown (D. & P. Everly) - The Rising Sons
8. Everybody Knows (Reed/Mason) - The Dream Merchants
9. Bye Bye Love (F. & B. Bryant) - Dickie Loader
10. Trini Lopez Medley: (a) You Are My Sunshine (Davis/Mitchell) - Dickie Loader
(b) Lemon Tree (Holt) - Dickie Loader
(c) If You Want To Be Happy - Dickie Loader
Side Two:
1. Reelin' And Rockin' (Berry) - All
2. Rock 'N' Roll Music (Berry) - Dickie Loader & The Cupie Dolls
3. Midnight Special (Traditional) - Archie Coker
4. Medley: (a) Little Red Donkey (Bond.Britton/Presley/Staples) - The Rising Sons
(b) Bottle Of Wine (Paxton) - The Rising Sons
5. I Am A Believer (Diamond) - The Staccatos
6. Much More Love (Roe) - Archie Coker
7. Pretty Flamingo (Barkan) - The Dream Merchants & The Cupie Dolls
8. Medley: (a) Sloop John B (Wilson) - The Rising Sons
(b) Carrie Anne (Clarke/Hicks/Nash) - The Rising Sons
9. That'll Be The Day (Allison/Petty/Holly) - Dickie Loader
10. United We Stand (Miller/Simons) - All

Produced by: Dickie Loader
Musical Director: Dickie Loader
Recording Engineer: Rob Banfield
Executive Producer: Percy van Rooyen

The music on this album is from the TV4 show "Rock'n'Roll REVIVAL" screened on 31st December 1985.

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