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Platinum Country Treffers
kompilasie ............... SELBCD1056 2013 SELECT
1. Lucille - Kenny Rogers
2. Heart Of Hearts - Don Williams
3. Baby Blue - George Baker
4. Am I That Easy To Forget - Bles Bridges
5. Need You Now - Ray Dylan & Elizma Theron
6. You've Lost That Loving Feelin' - The Righteous Brothers
7. She's Not Cryin' Anymore - Billy Ray Cyrus
8. I Need More You - Bellamy Brothers
9. Have You Ever Been Lonely - Manie Jackson & Petro Liebenberg
10. Don't Forget To Remember - Ray Dylan
11. Teardrops On My Guitar - Elizma Theron
12. The Hard Way - Ricus Nel met Liza Brönner
13. I Can't Stop Loving You - Tommy Dell
14. Red River Rosie - Clive Bruce
15. Release Me - Lance James
16. Call Valerie - Gene Rockwell
17. Patches - Jody Wayne
18. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain - Die Campbells
19. I Don't Wanna Play House - Barbara Ray & Elizma Theron
20. You Needed Me - Joanna Field
21. Lonesome Wins Again - Carlo Leone

Our PLATINUM range (Platinum Treffers & Platinum Gospel) has become a household name and also one of the strongest sellers in the market. We ve decided to expand the range by adding a Country title. Platinum Country gives you 21 of the most popular country hits performed by international stars such as Kenny Rogers, Billy Ray Cyrus, Don Williams, Bellamy Brothers, George Baker & The Righteous Brothers to name a few. Also on the album are some of SA s top artists like Manie Jackson, Ray Dylan, Elizma Theron & Ricus Nel showing off their Country skills. Popular hits on the album to lookout for are Lucille, Baby Blue, Don't Forget To Remember, Need You Now & You've Lost That Loving Feelin'.

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