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Pioneer Unit: Planetary Assault Mixtape
vetseunLAAI AF
kompilasie .......... PIONEERCD001 2007 PIONEER UNIT
1. Township Storm - Rattex
2. How We Roll - KONFAB met Jaak
3. Kill Ya Sound - Capleton, KONFAB, Oracle Flo, Ben Sharpa & Terror MC
4. Dplanet Beats - KONFAB met Oracle Flo
5. Go And Ask (Hamb'ubuza) - Driemanskap met Macho
6. The 7th Horn - Kuti Kult
7. Terror MC Oppie Track - Terror MC
8. Stay Strong - Kuti Kult
9. My People - Purple Simba & Shyam met Ben Sharpa & Terror MC
10. Liberate Yourself - Terror MC
11. Nyaka Nyaka - Rato
12. Move Over (Remix) - Middle Finga, Cozi G, Oracle Flo & Ben Sharpa
13. Oppie Spot Rus - Jaak
14. Into the Black - Ben Sharpa
15. Trash Talkers - Ben Sharpa met Rato
16. Kakalaki - TOP met Macho
17. Ek Drop It Straight - Terror MC
18. Verbally Spark - Archetypes (snitte deur DJ Nantal)
19. Swart Gevaar (Evil Remix) - KONFAB (BONUS)
- LIED VAN DIE DAG 2020/08/11 - Terror MC - Ek Drop It Straight (Planetary Assault) >>>

Released on African Dope's sister label: Pioneer Unit, 'Planetary Assault' reflects the many influences that have shaped the course of Hip Hop today. Listen closely and you will hear everything from classic Boom Bap, to Dancehall and Dub, to Electro, Detroit Techno, UK Grime and of course the sounds of Africa. All these influences are brought together to launch an epic battle for the future of South African Hip Hop. -

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