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Ons Sing Country
kompilasie .................. SELBCD973 2012 SELECT
1. Hou My (Stywer Teen Jou Vas)
2. Need You Now
3. Help Me Make It Through The Night
4. Mississippi
5. Folsom Prison Blues
6. Woman, Beautiful Woman
7. Some Broken Hearts Never Mend
8. Angel Of The Morning
9. The Gambler
10. Why Don't You Spend The Night
11. Cry To Me
12. Waltzing Maria
13. Room Full Of Roses
14. Needles And Pins
15. Annie's Song
16. From This Moment
17. If You Think You Know How To Love Me
18. Hillbilly Rock, Hillbilly Roll
19. Chattahoochie
20. I Will Always Love You
21. Somewhere Between

SA's Top artists perform all the favourite Country hits in their own unique way. With artists like Steve Hofmeyr, Ray Dylan, Juanita du Plessis, Dozi, Manie Jackson & Elizma Theron this collection surely is a must for every Country music lover! Massive hits to lookout for are "Need you now"," Help me make it through the night", "Some Broken Hearts Never Mend", "Mississippi" and "The Gambler". Also lookout for the brand new hit song "Hou My (Stywer Teen Jou Vas)" performed by Nicholis Louw, Elizma Theron, Ray Dylan & MoniQue exclusively recorded for this album!

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