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National Folk Song Festival '65
kompilasie LP ................. ALD 6836 1965 CBS
- Recorded Live - Wits University Great Hall -
Side One:
1. Hard, Ain't It Hard - Mel, Mel & Louis
2. Sally Don't You Grive - Mel, Mel & Louis
3. The Hangman - Leon
4. The Oxdrivers Song - Leon & Mike
5. Single Girl - Jill
6. The Stuttering Lovers - Des & Keith
7. Le roi Des BRuveurs - Des
8. The Three Ravens - Keith & Jill
Side Two:
1. Land Of Oden - Mel, Mel & Louis
2. Bimini Bay - Des & Keith
3. Time Of Man - Des & Keith
4. Coal Tattoo - Leon & Brenda
5. Four String Winds - Leon & Mike
6. Daar's 'n Gat In Die Emmer - Des
7. Go Tell It On the Mountain - The Company

met Mel Green, Mel Miller, Louis Meyer, Leon Rabinowitz, Mike Sonenberg, Des Lindberg, Keith Blundell, Jill Kirkland, Brenda Newfield

They do it in the Ozarks. They do it in the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Smokies. lt reigns supreme in clubs stretching from the Texas plains to the California coast, in dim-lit brick-walled cellars on the main stems and the off-streets of Chicago and New York, and in countries and cities and towns around the world. The language doesn't matter. lt's the feeling, the mood, the sense that something is being passed on, honestly, earthily and eagerly, that counts most.
From nowhere, from somewhere, from everywhere, the exponents, the devotees and the happy hangers-on are appearing in growing numbers. For this is folk singing, today witnessing an astonishing and wonderfully exuberant revival as an international form of entertainment.
The screamers, the moaners, the contortionists, the longhairs and the big beat makers are still around. And doing well. But their efforts have never plugged the popularity gap folk singing seems to fill so brilliantly. Folk singing is essentially a do-it-yourself movement, In May, hundreds of singers from all over the Republic took part in South Africa's first national folksong festival. Many didn't sing because they want to climb professional ranks. They sang because they love to sing, and because so many people love to listen.
What do they sing? Our own folk singers are still groping. The
leisurely, formative years enjoyed by the country singers of Europe, the British Isles, and America are gone for good; So is the isolation which enabled special characteristics to become local and lasting. Today's mass sound media have made folk songs universal. Thus, South Africa's heritage, melts in a musical crucible with the simple, sweet, sad, and sunny songs of many other lands. Men dream the same dreams everywhere, so the songs our people sing are as much ours as the world's.
Want to escape from the regimentation of the city? Join these 15 'escapers' and their audience of 2,500 in Wits' Great Hall. Here you;ll hear performers from Johannesburg's Troubadour, the centre of the highveld's folk song activity, These singers, who have been through the coffee house mill, leap at any chance to perform in concert. 'Folk Festival' is the fulfillment of an exciting idea.
Here you'll meet Mel Green and Mel Miller, the only South, African
group to truly approach the elusive 'bluegrass' sound... Louis Meyer, one of our rare 5-string banjo players, and a dentistry student... Leon Rabinowitz and Mike Sonnenberg, graduates of the Cul-de-sac and the Troubadour, both law students in Pretoria... Des Lindberg, chairman of 1965's first Folksong Festival, and operator of the Troubadour... Keith Blundell, ex-Royal Navy, married with four children, who does operetta, straight acting, and folksinging... Jill Kirkland, who cameto folksinging from operetta... and Brenda Newfield, who came out of the Hideaway and the Troubadour to tour as a folksinger, and others.
No need to change to blue jeans and sip vin ordinaire from a plastic tumbler while sprawling on a bare floor. Relax wherever you are, and listen to the bright, lively sounds of South Africa's first 'FOLK FESTIVAL'.

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