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Forces Favourites
kompilasie LP . 4023/SHIFTCD 114 1986/2009 ROUNDER/SHIFTY RECORDS
Side One:
1. Pambere - Mapantsula
2. National Madness - The Aeroplanes
3. Potential Mutiny - Stan James
4. Numbered Again - The Facts
5. Shot Down In The Streets - The Cherry Faced Lurchers
6. Don't Dance - Kalahari Surfers
Side Two:
1. Whitey - The Softies
2. Don't Believe - In Simple English
3. Too Much Resistance - Nude Red
4. Spaces Tell Stories - Roger Lucey
5. Suburban Hum - Jennifer Fergusonvetseun

"Eleven Songs by South Africans Supporting the End Conscription Campaign"

The End Conscription Campaign of South Africa produced this record in response to the growing. conflict in South Africa. ECC is opposed to the role of the South African Defence Force in enforcing apartheid policies. ECC believes that in this civil war, conscripts should have the right to choose whether or not to participate in the SADF.
In the face of growing militarization, increased military spending, and the use of the SADF internally, more and more conscripts find themselves unable to fight in the SADF. vetseunECC is campaigning in the long term for an end to compulsory conscription; however, we also see the need for meaningful alternative national service to be made available to all conscripts.
ECC also calls for the withdrawal of troops from the townships, the ending of the illegal occupation of Namibia, and the implementation of a just peace in South Africa.
The bands on this album have all taken a stand in support ofthe End Conscription Campaign of South Africa. These bands represent the small group of musicians in South Africa who are not prepared to work on major industry terms or to conform tothe state-controlled radio requirements. It is, ofcourse, impossible for performance in South Africa to have any real meaning unless it reflects on the social/political situation in the country. By adopting this stance, these bands forfeit any chance of commercial success. With the majority of the media being under Government control, these musicians have no public profile in their own land other than at a very low-key "alternative" level.
Most of the musicians grew up in and around the campus political structure and are typical ol the young left wing in South Africa. The combination ot groups. covers a broadspectrum of styles ranging from the straightforward "folk" protest of Stan James to the more anarchic "rock" or "new music" sound of bands like In Simple English and the Kalahari Surfers.
As this record was being assembled in the USA, Rounder experienced difficulty obtaining some ofthe materials necessary for graphic presentation due to the fact that many ofthe ECC people had gone underground during the wave of arrests of thousands ordered by the South African government. Unlike many other countries (including many in Africa), South Africa authorities have tolerated an anti-draft movement (though few are ever accorded conscientious obiector status). Its continued existence is by no means guaranteed, however, and organizers live in anxiety from day to day about the future of their efforts, as well as of their own personal freedom.

Produced and engineered by Lloyd Ross at Shifty
Studios, except "Don't Dance" which was done by Warric Sony.
"Too Much Resistance" was produced and engineered by Nude Red at Ambient Studios.
Graphic images by the End Conscription Campaign; jacket design by Susan Marsh.
Thanks to Mark Bennett, Ian Kerkhof and everyone in the ECC.
Lyrics enclosed.

kompilasie LP ....................... SHIFT10 SHIFTY RECORDS

Forces Favourites ......... 1989 TAURUS

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