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Folk Buddies
kompilasie .................. CDVAT6206 2008 VAT VYF MUSIEK
1. Sundown
2. Streets Of London
3. Vincent
4. Where Do You Go To My Lovely?
5. Teach Your Children
6. Time In A Bottle
7. So Long Marianne
8. Me And Bobby McGee
9. Blowin' In The Wind
10. Moonshadow
11. Tonight Will Be Fine
12. Sunday Morning Coming Down
13. Catch The Wind
14. Tears In Heaven
15. The Wind

After the success of TRAVELLIN' BUDDIES comes a brand new concept album FOLK BUDDIES. The recording once again brings together three top performing artists to create an album that will appeal to a broad fanbase. They are André Swiegers, Mathys Roets and Lucas Maree. The trio are all established artistic talents in their own right and on FOLK BUDDIES they come together to create and album that will find a place in the hearts of music fans around the country.

The repertoire chosen for this unique album is designed to appeal to a broad base of fans. Among these are Don McLean's "Vincent", Leonard Cohen's "So Long Marianne", Cat Steven's "Moonshadow" and many others. A highlight of the album is when the three performers come together in a rendition of Bob Dylan's beloved "Blowin' In The Wind" while the trio's performance of Graham Nash's masteful "Teach Your Children" is another reason to own this lovely album.

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