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Dis Klassiek
kompilasie .................. SELBCD1057 2013 SELECT
1. A Man Without Love - Patrizio Buanne
2. Barcarolle - Katherine Jenkins
3. La Paloma - André Rieu
4. You Are Loved (Don't Give Up) - Romanz
5. Stay With Me Till The Morning - Dana Winner
6. Love Changes Everything - André Schwartz
7. Only Time - Nianell
8. Solo Con Te - Louis Loock
9. Because We Believe - Nicholis Louw
10. I Believe In You - Kevin Leo & MoniQue
11. Ballad Pour Adeline - Martin Lane
12. Medley: Tulips From Amsterdam; Bianca - Bles Bridges
13. Come What May (We Believe In Tomorrow) - Gerrie Pretorius
14. The Sound Of Silence - 101 Strings Orchestra
15. Torna A Sorriento - Jannie Moolman
16. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - Eclips
17. Va Pensiero - Du Preez Stoltz & Ray Dylan
18. Believe (St. The Polar Express) - Sebastian Congelli
19. Love Is Like A Violin - Suzanne Rentzke
20. Theme From ...
21. Badinerie - Sterling EQ

Dis Klassiek offers you 21 Classical masterpieces performed by international & local artists. Let the voices of international superstars such as Patrizio Buanne, Katherine Jenkins & Dana Winner or the smooth violin sounds of André Rieu, Vanessa Mae & 101 Strings Orchestra take you on a classical journey. Popular classical hits on the album to lookout for are Barcarolle, La Paloma, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Ballad Pour Adeline, Va Pensiero & Badinerie to mention a few. Some nice surprises on the album are Kevin Leo teaming up with MoniQue to perform I Believe In You as well as Ray Dylan & Du Preez Stoltz performing Va Pensiero. Our local acts such as Romanz, Louis Loock, Nicholis Louw and Nianell also show their classical skills.

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