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Beautiful Creatures (Ed Jordan & Alan Glass)
Beautiful Lullabies .............. BCCD008 BEAUTIFUL CREATURES
1. African Lullaby
2. Drifting Off Into My Dreams
3. Time To Close Your Eyes
4. Sleeping Dreaming
5. Sophie's Sleeping Song
6. Will You Hold My Hand Forever
7. Song Of Love
8. Sleeping Is Food For The Soul
9. Beautiful Creatures Who Live In The Sea
10. Into The Night

Beautiful Creatures Of The Sea . BCCD007 BEAUTIFUL CREATURES
1. Castles Made Of Sand
2. Three Hearts To Love You
3. William The Wonderful Whale
4. Henry The Hermit Crab
5. Underwater Zoo
6. Penguin Party
7. Bumpytail The Ragged Tooth Shark
8. The Dolphins And Me
9. Beautiful Creatures Who Live In The Sea
10. Save Our Seas

Beautiful Bedtime ................. BCCD006 BEAUTIFUL CREATURES
1. Beautiful Bedtime
2. Splish Splash Splosh
3. Put Your Pj's On
4. Tooth The Brush
5. Story Time
6. Drifting Off Into My Dreams
7. Sleeping Is Food For The Soul
8. The Lonely Tear
9. Into The Night
10. Will You Hold My Hand Forever

Beautiful Me .......................... BCCD005 BEAUTIFUL CREATURES
1. Beautiful Me
2. It's Just So Cool To Be A Kid
3. The Best Me I Can Be
4. Breathe In Breathe Out
5. There's A Beautiful Me In Everyone
6. Manners Matter
7. Sisters And Brothers
8. Dpnt Be A Brat
9. Good Me, Bad Me
10. Song Of Love

Even More Beautiful Creatures . BCCD004 BEAUTIFUL CREATURES
1. Rita The Cheetah
2. Horace The Hysterical Hyena
3. Bongi The Boisterous Buffalo
4. Meercat Serenade
5. Big Five Jive
6. A Lion Has The Right To Be Free
7. Tallulah The Tortoise
8. The Last Chameleon
9. Otis The Owl
10. Sophie's Sleeping Song

More Beautiful Creatures . BCCD003 BEAUTIFUL CREATURES
1. Roddy The Rhino
2. Georgina The Gentlest Giraffe
3. Harry The Hungry Hadeda
4. Monkey Buisiness
5. Romeo The Rapping Reptile
6. Ozzy The Outsized Ostrich
7. Hip Hop Frog
8. Collective Perspective
9. Time To Close Your Eyes
10. Sleeping Dreaming

Dierbare Diere ................ BCCD002 2005 BEAUTIFUL CREATURES
1. Imvubu Die Vrolike Seekoei
2. Lukas Die Baie Lui Leeu
3. Mafutha Die Olifant
4. Zie Bie Die Bie Die
5. Fanie Die Fantastiese Vlakvark
6. Alexander Die Klein Akkedissie
7. Saggies Val Die Reën
8. Pragtige Diere
9. Die Naglied
10. Afrika Wiegelied

Beautiful Creatures .......... BCCD1 2005 BEAUTIFUL CREATURES
1. Imvubu The Happiest Hippo
2. Lucas The Lazy Lion
3. Mafutha
4. Zee Bee Dee Bee Dee
5. Wallace The Wondrous Warthog (King Of The Pigs)
6. Lorenzo The Luckiest Lizard
7. Down Comes The Rain
8. Beautiful Creatures
9. The Night Song
10. African Lullabye

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