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The Best Of The African Connection - The African Diaspora
kompilasie ...................... SLCD 128 2007 SHEER
1. Baissez Bas - Tabou Combo
2. Lagrimas Megras - Eliades Ochoa
3. Como Voce - Martinho Da Vila
4. Violin Tambor - Leyanis Lopez
5. Si Me Quitaran - Susana Baca
6. Procura - Chichi Peralta
7. Lanbi-La-Brile - Kassav
8. Canten- Polo Montanez
9. Pump Me Up - Krosfyah
10. Flor De Amor - Omara Portuondo
11. Definitivamente - Osdalgia
12. Wongol - James Germain
13. Maye A Gaye - Boukman Eksperyans
14. Bolero Jouc Li Jou - Tabou Combo

Welll known and respected SAFM DJ Richard Nwamba (THE African music Guru), presents a brand new compilation...
A divergense from the previous CDs we see a new look and hear a new sound as we expolre THE AFRICAN DIASPORA. Amazing Big Name artists coupled with the fact they are the most requested tracks on Richard's popular weekly show (SAFM 1-3 pm Sat) mean that demand is already present as is profile.
We hear a stunning array of flavour from spicy Latin elements to raw Reggae and acoustic gems from all around the globe (Barbados, Cuba, Brazil, French Antilles, Cape Verde, Haiti, to mention a few). Music largely available no place but on this album!

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