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Mapantsula (Hustler)
film DVD 104min . 6363/MNETDVD-100 1988/1991 SAUK/M-NET

met Thomas Mogotlane, Thembi Mtshali, Dolly Rathebe, produseer, Jurgen Biefang

"A true classic of South African cinema. The film captures precisely and evocatively the politically charged atmosphere of the country in the late 1980s, when apartheid was at its most oppressive and destructive in daily life.vetseun
Panic stalks the streets of Jo'burg, waiting and lurking around street corners. Panic is a small-time crook specialising in picking pockets and mugging at knife-point. His criminal exploits are mostly solo, though on occasion he works with a partner. In one of the most memorable performances of South African film, Thomas Mogotlane creates the character of Panic. vetseunWhether moving slickly on the street, bullying his way at the shebeen, eluding his landlady, or taking advantage of his domestic-worker girlfriend - Panic is unforgettable. But it is his journey from petty thief to man of principle that is the true fabric of the film. Arrested one day with a group of political activists, Panic is interrogated by the security police. He is offered all sorts of financial inducements to testify against - the activists sharing his prison cell. It is these moments that he is forced to make some life altering decisions." -

"A movie about Panic in the streets. The streets are those of the suburbs, townships, and shopping malls of Johannesburg and Soweto, and Panic is a small time crook who keeps his nose out of politics. The trouble is that politics touches everyone on the streets of Jo'burg as students riot in Soweto. Panic is picked up by the police for questioning and dumped in a cell with a bunch of township militants, the people he most despises and fears. We see his transformation from irresponsible loner to someone compelled to take a stand. It won seven South African film awards, but was originally banned here.
Special features on DVD: Ice's killer scene and a short film called THE FOREIGNER (15 mins). Also on the COME BACK AFRICA video." -

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