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film DVD ....................... 2014

"'n Troue so mal. Dis perfek!"

met Nico Panagio, Casey B. Dolan, Kim Engelbrecht, Louw Venter, Casper de Vries

Jean and Sheryl are getting married. He is Afrikaans. She is Jewish. Their families are tense and Lukas - the best man - has been on a drinking spree and forgotten to confirm the band.

To complicate matters more, the brides ancestral wedding ring has been delayed because Sheryl's relatives are lost en-route to the wedding.

In desperation Lukas books the first available singer he can find - big mistake! Bianca is the bride's old nemesis. They have a lot of bad history and she is the last person who should be at Sheryl's perfect wedding - that is quickly turning in to a tangled mess of emotion. In a moment of panic, she cancels the whole wedding and instantly regrets it.

Lukas needs to keep things together for the first time in his life, fix the mess he caused and deliver the dream wedding for his two best friends, but he can't even find the ring. In order to keep the wedding on track these friends are going to need to face some hard truths about the past and dig deep inside themselves all the while negotiating the inevitable chaos that large families bring to a wedding day.

Getting these two to the altar is going to make you laugh and cry.

skakels :

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