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Kalahari Harry
vetseunvetseunHIRE / HUURvetseun
film DVD 96min . MNETDVD-036 1994/2008 C-FILMS/STER-KINEKOR/M-NET

"The Action Adventure Comedy Of The Year."

met Bill Flynn, Danny Keogh, Ian Roberts, Cassandra Holiday, Patrick Ndlovu, regisseur, Dirk de Villiersvetseun

"Kalahari Harry is a noble story of the plight of the Kalahari bushman in their struggle for land and survival. A rich Johannesburg business man Mr. Kowalski is sent to the Northern Cape (home of the indigenous bushman), to asses the potential of building a state-of-the-art casino. Kalahari Harry, a member of the local Bushman tribe is decidedly opposed to this corporate move and sets into motion a series of ingenious plans to prevent this from happening.
This hugely popular film is arguably the most original comedy and action picture ever to be shot on location in the Kalahari. Breathtakingly spectacular cinematography, this film is a must for every movie lover. Directed by legendary South African veteran filmmaker Dirk de Villiers, the film boasts a stunning cast of major South African actors, and includes the likes of Ian Roberts, Bill Flynn, Cassandra Holiday, Eric Nobbs, Gys de Villiers, Danny Keogh and Patrick Ndlovu.
When it's time for action, romance and side-splitting laughter then it's time for Kalahari Harry! " - take2

skakels : imdb

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