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Jimmy In Pienk

film DVD ........................ 2013

"It's just like shearing sheep, right?"vetseun

met Louw Venter, Gys de Villiers, Terence Bridgett, Tinarie van Wyk-Loots, Sharleen Surtie-Richards, Gérard Rudolf, David Isaacs, Michelle Scott, Garth Collins

Jimmy in Pienk is a quirky comedy about Jimmy Bester, a rugged seventh generation mielie farmer who can give an accurate five-day vetseunweather forecast by simply sniffing the wind. He lives out his creative impulses by shearing sheep on the neighbouring farms - something he has to hide from his father who believes that men are not creative.
When Jimmy's father suddenly dies in a freak accident, he is confronted by two menacing (and comedic) loan sharks who come to collect what his father owes. While packing his father's things, a distraught Jimmy discovers that his father had a twin brother, who was exiled from the farm for being gay. Fred is now a multi-billionaire and hair product tycoon based in Cape Town.
For the first time in his life Jimmy gathers the courage to leave his home and travel to Cape Town to seek help from his uncle, but Fred has a bitter grudge against the Bester family and he hatches a plan to exact revenge on the family that spurned him.

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