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French Toast

film DVD .......................... 2015

"A journey to Paris to find the truth."

met Lika Berning, Deon Lotz, Paul du Toit, Heléne Lombard, Thierry Ballarin

Photographer Lise le Roux lives with her father on a wine farm near Stellenbosch, South Africa. Her mother passed away some time ago, leaving a secret French toast family recipe behind as a symbol of her legacy. One day Lise stumbles upon her mother's old diary and to her astonishment finds out that she has a brother or sister somewhere in France. Despite the fact that Theo, her father's right-hand winemaker, is about to propose, Lise decides to travel to Paris in order to find her lost sibling and hopefully some truth about her mother.
On arrival in Paris she meets a French chef, Jean-Pierre Baptiste. Jean-Pierre is looking for a photographer for his new cookbook. Lise agrees to take the photos for his cookbook, if he returns the favour by helping her to track the clues to her lost sibling. As they explore Paris together, Jean-Pierre's expressive personality slowly unravels Lise's reserved layers. Lise's life starts transforming into a palette of new tastes, textures, colours and emotions ... Then something happens and Jean-Pierre disappears, but Lise has promised him that she will not try to find him.
Does Lise eventually find the truth that she hoped would set her free?

Doreen Coetzee - Boom Boom Boom (French Toast) VID >>> (2015)
French Toast - Original Soundtrack
klankbaan ....................................... 2015
1. Boom Boom Boom - Doreen Coetzee
2. Dans In Die Reën / Danser Sous La Pluie - Eben & Marné
3. Je Suis Perdue Sans Toi - Liesl du Toit
4. Am I The Clown? - Doreen Coetzee
5. L'Etincelle - Marne
6. Je T'Aime, Je T'Adore - Willemien
7. Only In Paris - Machiel Roets
8. C'Est Toi, Le Clown? - Willemien
9. Verlore Sonder Jou - KrissTel
10. L'Ouverture
11. Le Medaillon
12. Bonjour Paris!
13. Dans La Cuisine
14. Decouvrir La Verite
15. Scherzo Pour La Famille
16. La Grande Decouverte
17. Revisiter Le Passe
18. L'Espion
19. La Cle' Pour Le Medaillon

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