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film DVD 78 min . MNETDVD-322 1987 M-NET

met Donovan Davids, produseer, Johan Blignaut, regisseur, Louise Smit

"Davey has many dreams, if only he'd stop tripping over his own feet! Made at a time when apartheid South Africa portrayed itself as a 'whites-only' country, Davey not only challenged one 'social mould', but several.
Firstly, the 'status qou' - didn't feature the "other" citizens of this country, meaning blacks, but with specific reference to so-called 'coloureds'. Secondly, his wasn't the story of a political victim, but one of an extremely clumsy, good-natured teenager who has dreams just like any other youngster. The titular Davey (Donovan Davids) is stupendously clumsy, especially when it comes to the fairer sex. Whenever he finds himself in the vicinity of girls, things go awry wrong. And to make matters worse - the girl he really likes already has a boyfriend - a good looking local villain - who is deeply suspicious of Davey - with good reason.
The plot becomes increasingly layered, when it turns out that the charming villain has other motives and hatches a plan to keep the damsels parents busy - and create opportunity for his two sidekicks to then rob their house. The side-kicks - Mr. Eyes and Mr. Fingers - black and white respectively - are not exactly 'blessed' in the 'upstairs department' - and the whole saga erupts. But will Davey get the girl of his dreams? And will all his other dreams come true?" -

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