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Winston "Mankunku" Ngozi
Best Of Winston "Mankunku" Ngozi . SLCD 165 2008 SHEER
1. Crossroads Crossroads
2. Yakhal' Inkomo
3. Khanya
4. Give Peace A Chance
5. Wajikeleza
6. A Song For Bra Des Tutu
7. Masihambe
8. Dudula
9. Mike's Mood
10. Asiyapo
11. Abantwana Be Afrika
12. Khawuleza

Yakhal'inkomo .......... CDGSP 3123 2007 GALLO
1. Yakhal' Inkomo
2. Dedication
3. Doodlin'
4. Bessie's Blues
5. Spring
6. Before The Rain And After
7. Look Up
8. The Birds
9. You Don't Know What Love Is

Abantwana Be Afrika .... SSCD 098 2003 SHEER
1. Abantwana
2. Kwamajola
3. Give Peace A Chance
4. Inhlupheko
5. Dedication
6. Ekuseni
7. Tshawe
8. Lakutshon' Ilanga
9. George
10. Mama

met Mike Perry
Dudula ........................................ NK 007 NKOMO MUSIC
1. Masihambe (Let's go!)
2. Dudula (Forward!)
3. Amanzi Obomi (Water of life)
4. Khawuleza (Hurry up!)
5. Shirley
6. Green & gold

This is a laid back album featuring a wide variety of styles; the bustling, impatient energy of "Khawuleza" contrasted with the cool spacey "Amanzi Obomi", the lyricism of "Shirley" against the marching, anthem-like "Masihambe", the wistful introversion of "Green and gold" vis a vis the up front eminently danceable title track "Dudula" itself.
The album contains a great deal of improvisational freedom with the soloists taking full advantage. Spencer Mbadu's solo on "Khawuleza" is a composition all on its own - a singing quintessentially township riff showing the adaptability of the mbaqanga medium. A highlight is the extended coda on the title track where guitar, piano and tenor saxophone share centre stage exchanging phrases freely. Artists: Mike Perry, Winston "Mankunku" Ngozi, Spencer Mbadu, Richard Pickett, Errol Dyers, Charles Lazar, Buddy Wells, Marcus Wyatt, Graham Beyer, The Merton Barrow String Quintet.
Sunday Times, 1 June 1997, Graham Howe Gugulethu's own Winston "Mankunku" Ngozi is one of the giants of South African jazz. Yakhal Inkomo, released by the legendary saxophonist in 1968, was a milestone in the annals of the country's jazz. Now almost 30 years later, he has recorded a stunning new set with pianist Mike Perry who has worked extensively with the big man and his horn in the past two decades. Released on their private joint label, Nkomo Records, Dudula picks up where Jika, the duo's last recording, left off in 1986. Mankunku sure seems to be in a hurry to make a new beginning: "Dudula", the title track, means to sweep away, a theme echoed by "Masihambe" (Let's Go) and "Khawuleza" (Hurry Up).
Fans will share in the saxophonist's hurry to get going and listen to this long overdue release. Mankunku still bellows like a bull on the horn, although his compositions are more mellow and sweeter than in the early years.

met Mike Perry
Jika .............................................. NK 002 NKOMO MUSIC
1. Wajikeleza
2. Crossroads Crossroads
3. That Man There
4. Yho Yho
5. Tula Sana
6. Asiyapo
7. Ntyilo Ntyilo
8. Mike's Mood
9. I Wish I Knew

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