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William Blackrose
Collections .................. CDBSP3176 2007 BMG
1. Everything
2. Dansman
3. Angels
4. Baby Bye Bye
5. Nothing Ever Comes My Way
6. The Night Love Made A Fool Out Of Me
7. Die Waarheid
8. Knowing You
9. Skadu's
10. Glory Days

Wentelbaan ....... CDVAT(CLS)6151 2003 VAT VYF MUSIEK/SELECT
1. Dansman
2. Angels
3. Free
4. Dixie
5. Broken Shoes
6. Knowing You
7. Forever
8. Stand By You
9. Softly And Safely
10. Don't Just Call Him A Friend
11. Looking For The Sun
12. When You Go
13. Somer 2
14. Lonely Highway

What About Me .................. CDVAT6064 VAT VYF MUSIEK
1. Baby Bye Bye
2. What About Me
3. Die Waarheid
4. Then There's Me
5. Rainbow
6. Change Your Mind
7. Everything (Remix 99)
8. 'Cause I Love You
9. Skadu's
10. Lost And Alone
11. I'll Be There
12. When The Shadows Come
13. Lisa Se Klavier
14. Goodbye

Everything .. CDVAT6019/CDBSP6019 VAT VYF MUSIEK/BMG
1. Everything
2. Walk Away
3. The Night Love Made A Fool Out Of Me
4. Glory Days
5. Minor Of Descent
6. Nothing Ever Comes My Way
7. Peace Train
8. Do You Love Me?
9. Call Me
10. Do You Believe In Love

Since the dawn of man and the beginning of time, man lusted for love. What would become of my life, the body I have grown to love? For I have seen that the land is not the way to travel, for the real object of life is the soul, the soul that makes you think, weep, love and, yes, sometimes even embrace anger to benefit the passion of the demon that lurks inside, called hate. For now, I will be called insane, for he who speaks freely is called ignorant, but always silenced by a fool. The rose is black, for my soul is black, because mankind forgot about the true colour of the rose. - William Blackrose.

Minor Of Descent .............................
1. Peace Train
2. Minor Of Descent
3. Nothing Ever Comes My Way
4. The Night Love Made A Fool Out Of Me
5. Glory Days
6. Walk Away
7. Call Me
8. Do You Love Me?
9. Everything
10. Do You Believe In Love

met Andries Botha, Larry Amos, Bruce Williams, Derick Lategan

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