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West Nkosi
Two On One - Village Bump / Help Me Make It . CDPS 139 2011 GALLO

Village Bump ........... CDGMP 40555 1994 GALLO
1. Hoola Hoop
2. Village Bump
3. Sebenza
4. Ungithatha Kanjani
5. Majava Java
6. Jita Buck
7. Stockvel Vibe
8. Mayoyo
9. African Spirit
10. Umququmbelo

This is a new CD entitled "Village Bump" by West Nkosi. West Nkosi, originally from Pretoria, South Africa, was a musician, arranger, and composer who began his career when he formed his first kwela (tin pennywhistle) band, the Pretoria Tower Boys, in the late 1950s. He soon started playing pennywhistle for other groups and his reknown spread as he did recording sessions with them. As a result Nkosi started looking for his own recording contract. he soon moved to Johannesburg to join the premiere kwela group at that time, Spokes Mashiyane and His All Star Flutes.
Nkosi used his savings as a domestic worker to buy a second-hand saxophone and soon left the group again looking for his own recording contract. Still playing sessions for Gallo Records, now on sax, Nkosi and friends began to explore a new "harder" sound, later to be called mbaqanga. Soon they were touring with bands put together by well-known producer Rupert Bopape. It was during one of these gigs that Nkosi hooked up with Mahlathini & The Mahotella Queens who were dancing back-up to the music groups.
Nkosi went on to produce and manage groups like Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Mahlathini & The Mahotella Queens. He died from injuries sustained in a car crash in 1998.

Help Me Make It Through The Night . CDGMP 40375 1993 GALLO
1. Endless Love
2. I Can't Stop Loving You
3. Help Me Make It Through The Night
4. As Long As You Love Me
5. Cry To Me
6. A-Tear Fell
7. Crying Time
8. Loving Arms
9. If You Think God Is Dead
10. Last Night

Last Night .......... CDGMP F 40319 1992 GALLO

Sixteen Original Sax Jive Hits . CDZAC 57(F) 1991 GALLO
1. 2 By 2
2. Two Mabone
3. Dubaduba
4. Mlanga Rocks
5. Makhaza
6. Qz 5
7. Mzilikazi
8. Benoni Station
9. Vula Bops
10. Durban Road
11. Percy Jive No 1
12. Seven Mabone
13. Cowboy
14. Inhliziyo
15. Madula Shokeng Special
16. Izambhane

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