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Mzanzi All-Stars - Because We Are SA CDS . 2020
- Amanda Black, Ard Matthews, Arno Carstens, Agape, Bonga Kwana, Buhlebendalo Mda, Cheistar, Craig Hinds, Divine Mahara, Early B, Emo Adams, Francois van Coke, Gabriela Diamond, Jabulani Mthembu, Jack Parow, J'Something, Jedd Kossew, Jeremy Loops, Jimmy Nevis, Kahn Morbee, Karen Zoid, Khayelitsha United Mambazo, Khuli Chana, Majozi, Ready D, Shane Cooper, Vusi Mahlasela, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Zoë Modiga, Zolani Mahola >>>
- LIED VAN DIE DAG 2020/07/22

Sing To The People (Live) ............... 2013 ATO RECORDS
1. Tonkana (Live)
2. Amdokwe (Live)
3. Our Sand (Live)
4. River Jordan (Live)
5. Say Africa (Live)
6. Ubuhle Bomhlaba (Live)
7. Silang Mabele (Live)
8. Kolozwana (Live)
9. Loneliness (Live)
10. When You Come Back, Nakupenda Africa (Live)
11. Tswang Tswang Tswang (Live)

Lize Beekman & Vusi Mahlasela
All The Same CDS ........... F1000378 2004 BOWLINE
1. All The Same (Lead vocals Lize Beekman & Vusi Mahlasela)
2. All The Same (Lead vocals Lize Beekman & Vusi Mahlasela)
3. All The Same (Lead vocals Elzabé Zietsman, piano Rocco de Villiers)

A very blessed project and a hauntingly beautiful piece of music "All the Same" is written and produced by Lize Beekman and featuring a moving vocal contribution by Vusi Mahlasela. More than 5,000 CD's have been sold within the first month of release, mostly in Japan and Australia - and the dream is to sell many, many more.
All artist proceeds are donated to the St. Francis Home, a centre that provides support and care for those suffering from terminal illness and in particular those patients and orphans suffering and affected by HIV & AIDS.
This song captures the challenges and fears facing those living with HIV and AIDS and represents a passionate attempt by a local SA musician to make a real difference in her country.

Say Africa ...................... CDCLL7086 2011 COLOSSAL
1. Say Africa
2. Woza
3. Re Yo Tshela Kae
4. Conjecture Of The Hour
5. Umalume
6. Mokalanyane
7. In Anyway
8. Ode To Lesego
9. Vezubuhle
10. Nakupenda Africa - Angélique Kidjo
11. Korodi
12. Ba Kae?
13. Naka Mokhura
14. Ntate Mandela

Naledi Ya Tsela (Guiding Star) . CDCLL7068 2007 COLOSSAL/ATO RECORDS
1. Jabula vetseun
2. Heaven In My Heart met Ladysmith Black Mambazo
3. Moleko
4. Chamber Of Justice met Xavier Rudd
5. Tibidi Waka met Derek Trucks
6. Everytime met Jem
7. Sower Of Words met Dave Mathews Band
8. Ntombi Mbali
9. River Jordan
10. Song For Thandi
11. Mighty River
12. Thula Mama
13. Our Sand
14. Tonti
15. Susana
16. Pata Pata

The Voice ............................................. 2003 ATO RECORDS
1. Melodi Ya Mamelodi
2. Silang Mabele
3. When You Come Back
4. Weeping
5. Sleep Tight Margaret
6. Red Song
7. Troubadour
8. Emtini Wababe
9. Fountain
10. Mma Modiane
11. Loneliness
12. Ntate Mahlasela
13. A Prayer for Our Time

met Proud Peoples Band
Jungle Of Questions . CDCLL7049 2002 COLOSSAL
1. Di-Ana
2. Tswang Tswang Tswang
3. Sabela
4. Mamelodi
5. Gumba Gumba
6. Vulani Amasango
7. Mantintane
8. People's Doctor
9. Mother Agriqua
10. Tompane
11. Mma Modiane
12. Makhosi
13. Kolozwana
14. Lomhlaba
15. How Can it Be?
16. Meeting of the Waters

Miyela Afrika ................ CDCLL7040 1999 COLOSSAL
1. The Earth I Know is a Woman
2. Ingoma
3. Mme Motswadi
4. Miyela Afrika
5. A Proud People
6. Will You Have Time?
7. Amdokwe
8. Sipho Sami
9. Afrika Borwa
10. Ntate Mohapi
11. A Prayer for Our Time
12. Mama Bombay
13. Khelo Kha Magheshe
14. Emtini Wababe
15. Tsi Tsi

met Louis Mhlanga
Live At The Bassline . CDCLL7026 1999 COLOSSAL
1. Ubuhle Bomhlaba
2. Two Birds
3. Silang Mabele
4. Zvinoshamisa
5. When You Come Back
6. Fountain
7. Basimanyana
8. Tontobane
9. Mai Rugare
10. Untitled
11. Chibona
12. Red Song
13. Woza

For several years now, the celebrated southern African performers Vusi Mahlasela and Louis Mhlanga have captivated audiences with their breathtaking live performances. Now, at last, the magical moments on stage have been captured in a live recording, Vusi & Louis: Live at the Bassline. This eagerly awaited release was recorded during one of Vusi and Louis's legendary gigs at The Bassline, one of Johannesburg's premier live venues. The recording is a stripped down affair, featuring just two guitars and two voices, bonded together by songs of sheer magic.
The combination of Vusi's soaring vocals and Louis's sublime guitar work have resulted in one of the finest collaborative live albums ever produced in South Africa.

Silang Mabele ............ CDBSP7014 1997 BMG
1. Khunkhwane
2. Silang Mabele
3. Loneliness
4. Sleep Tight Margaret
5. Antone
6. Kwa-Zulu
7. Troubador
8. Africa is Dying
9. Smomothela
10. Love Prints
11. Ke Kgale
12. Kuyobanjani Na?
13. Voices
14. Weeping met Soweto String Quartet

This album is dedicated to all those who believe in making this country a livable place. A place of peace in which people will enhance each other, to build a paradise free from fears, poverty, and hatred.

Wisdom of Forgiveness . CDSHIFT55 1994 SHIFTY RECORDS
1. Hope
2. Ntate Mahlasela
3. Ubuhle Bomhlaba
4. Tontobane
5. Fountain
6. Basimanyana
7. Yithi Masotsha
8. Don't Tramp on Me
9. Emigodini
10. Nquondo Phumula
11. Two Birds
12. Treason
13. Wisdom of Forgiveness

Dedicated to humanity! Music with a message of hope - music to help combat crime and injustice - music to bring us better living years.

When You Come Back . CDSHIFT50 1992 SHIFTY RECORDS
1. When You Come Back
2. Melodi Ya Mamelodi
3. Manana
4. Tonkana
5. Epitoli
6. Gijimane Masotsha
7. Hello Mams
8. In Solitary Confinement
9. Red Song
10. Vision
11. Untitled
12. Mayibuye

"Our lost African music will turn into the music of the people..."

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2014 09 24 - Shifty Heritage Music Festival: Tananas, The Genuines, Vusi Mahlasela, Urban Creep, Kalahari Surfers & Lesego Rampolokeng, Rian Malan, The Kêrels, Louis Mhlanga, Jonathan "Rat" Handley, Robin Auld, Jennifer Ferguson, Van der Want & Letcher, Matthew van der Want, Tony Cox, Simba Morri, 10 Henry Nxumalo Street, Newtown, Joburg!, 11:00 - Alliance Francaise Johannesburg - SAHA - SAMRO - Spier - Business and Arts South Africa - Institut Fracais

2012 04 - ABSA KKNK - Akoestiese Klanke Musiekreeks, Club Alcapone, 20:30, Computicket
2012 04 01, 02 - Vusi Mahlasela & Karen Zoid
2012 04 03, 04 - Zolani (Freshlyground), Laudo (aKING), Nick (Mikanic)
2012 04 05 - Karma (Henry Ate), Wendy Oldfield
2012 04 06, 07 - Ousus, Heuwels Fantasties


2010 10 17 - Park Acoustics: Chiba Fly, Stepdog, Laurie Levine, Vusi Mahlasela, Pretoria National Botanical Garden, 12:30, R40, R60 - TuksFM - Park Acoustics - Vesco

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