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Vanessa Van
Leef Die Droom ............. BOWCD013 2003 BOWLINE
1. Afrikaner Surfer Boy
2. Ek's Lief Vir Jou
3. Completely
4. Tot Die Wolk In My Hart Kom Reën
5. Jy Weet
6. All I Need
7. Kaapse Dans Keurspel
8. Hoekom?
9. I'll Be There
10. My Hart
11. Leef Die Droom
12. Turn Around
13. Leef Die Droom (Winston's Dance Mix)
14. Afrikaner Surfer Boy (Winston's Dance Mix0
15. Afrikaner Surfer Boy (Video)
16. Ek's Lief Vir Jou (Video)

Vanessa Van has finally released her long awaited debut solo album! She is an accomplished singer that has been performing nationally and internationally in various highly acclaimed cover bands over the past few years. Shes been surrounded by musicians from birth, her father being the harmonica virtuoso, Vincent van Rooyen. Even though she has had a window into the South African music industry, she wanted to do it on her own and has paid her dues playing in pubs and clubs, running her own sound system and in a nutshell learning the unglamorous and tough side of showbiz. She also plays various instruments, and can be heard playing the harmonica on one of the tracks on her album, but regards her voice as her main instrument. She is also a songwriter and has written three of the songs on her album.
Leef Die Droom the title track, written by Vanessa Van, simply says what this album is to her. She has had this dream for a long time, but purposefully waited for the time to be right for her to launch her solo career. Her album has mainly Afrikaans songs on it, and as she has said I have fallen in love with the Afrikaans language! It is so rich and deep. You can really go places of colour, depth and emotion. The more I write in it, the more I'm compelled to write in it.
To explain the style of this album in a few words would do it a great disservice, but if forced to label it, one could say that it falls into the contemporary pop genre, with the faster dance songs being likened to Euro pop with an ambience and sophistication new to the local market, and the slower deeper songs are filled with emotion and mood and has a more earthy feel. As Danie Niehaus says Vanessa Vans album Leef Die Droom is something completely new in the South African market. It is sophisticated pop music with elegance and the more I listen to it, the more I like it!
The album consists of 11 original tracks, 1 dance medley of old favourites, 2 bonus dance remixes and 2 multimedia music video tracks that can be played and watched on a PC. This album and artist cannot be likened to anything or anyone else in the South African market and it appeals to young and old, English and Afrikaans. Something for the whole family!

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