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Unathi Nkayi
With Love ....................... CDRBL 620 2011 UNIVERSAL
1. Majozi
2. Only For You
3. Woman
4. To Those We Love
5. Kwa Nolali
6. Kubuhlungu
7. Alone With You
8. Ngeke Ng'khale
9. Be Loveable

In Honour ........................ CDRBL 450 2008 UNIVERSAL
1. We Thembisisle
2. Gimme The Music
3. A Mother's Love Song
4. Ndathini Na
5. Sivuleleni
6. She's A Maniac met Jah Seed (Bongo Maffin)
7. Ilanga met Amu
8. Nje Nje Nje met HHP
9. Indlela Inde
10. Meu Amor Para Sempre (My Love Forever)
11. Amadoda
12. Bhuti (Heavenly Mix)

Unathi's a very hot property who has featured on an internationally acclaimed film called Tsotsi's sound track which won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film category. She was later invited to be a supporting act for the internationally acclaimed singer Lauryn Hill concert in Johannesburg. Since then she never looked back, the wordily, wise and confident Unathi, understands the choices she made in life. This down-to-earth celebrity was hailed by The Media magazine as one of South Africa's most influential women in 2007. Her album IN HONOUR, has been produced by Kalawa's Dangerous Combination Crew, Guffy and Sipho Sithole.
When she first came to Johannesburg she was auditioned to present a popular SABC1 television show called Castle Loud and later she was approached by YFM programme manager Greg Maloka to train as a DJ. She grabbed the opportunity and she was eventually offered a full time presenting position at the station. Ideally, Unathi would like to perform and release more albums, fine tune her presenting skills and finally have a solo hosting programme on radio. She believes in revolutionising the South African music.

My First Time .................... CDGRUF048 GALLO
1. Intro (Music)
2. Sghubu Sam
3. Let Me Change Your Mind
4. Ndifufun Ungoduka
5. Ngyak'khumbula
6. Sextra Ordinary
7. U Make Me Happy met HHP
8. U R Devine Reloaded met Ishmael
9. My Reality met Louis Mhlanga
10. When I Was Young met Flabba & Amu
11. Make Me High
12. Sunshine met Ishmael
13. I Don't Wanna Hide
14. Unathi

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