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Tumi & The Volume (Molekane)
Pick A Dream ................... CDCLL7087 COLOSSAL
1. La Tete Savante
2. Asinamali
3. Number Three
4. Limpopo
5. Moving Picture Frames
6. Through My Sunroof
7. Reality Check
8. Volume Trials
9. Enter The Dojo
10. Light In Your Head
11. Play Nice

Whole Worlds ................... CDCLL7081 COLOSSAL
1. Intro
2. Bambezela met Brickz & Tracy Lee, Produksie, Kabir "Kwality" Ahluwalia & Boitumelo Molekane
3. Family Plan met MXO, Produksie, Mason Black
4. Let It Burn met The Soil, Produksie, Rene "Snaz" Hill
5. Stage Lights met Masauko & Sibongile Khumalo, Produksie, Rene "Snaz" Hill
6. Hubby, Produksie, Robin Hannibal Braun
7. Villages and Malls met Tairo, Produksie, Thomas Join-Lambert & Thomas Broussard "TnT"
8. Mr. Gogetit met Pebbles, Produksie, Andrew "Big Pops" Papaleo, Mike Cronin & Jeremy McArthur
9. Health, Food and Shelter met Zaki Ibrahim, Produksie, Robin Hannibal Braun
10. Still Not Free met Danyel Waro, Produksie, Robin Hannibal Braun
11. Whole Worlds met Ian Kamau, Produksie, Rene "Snaz" Hill
12. Bonus Track met Zubz

No Guarantee ......................... J2CD001 JS RECORDS
1. Ain't Not Good For You
2. Can I Make You Love Me
3. Give Me You
4. Cruizin
5. Gotta Be This Way
6. Here I Am
7. Honey
8. No Guarantee
9. If I Should
10. Lullaby
11. Tell Me Why
12. Trapped
13. You Played
14. Love You Girl
15. You Are Here

Tumi & The Volume ....................... 2005 DISTRICT SIX
1. Ellof
2. Floor
3. Bus Stop Confessions
4. Johnny Dyani
5. What It's All About
6. Smile, You On Camera met Fifi
7. Afrique (op FIFA 08)
8. The Story Behind The Pain
9. Signs
10. Oslo
11. Basement
12. Ladies And Gentlemen
13. Learning
14. In A Minute met Fifi
15. Bergman's Theory
16. Sticks And Stones
17. These Women

At The Bassline ......... RRRCD 005 2004 READY ROLLED
1. Yvonne
2. People, People
3. My Posters
4. Celebration
5. The Story Behind The Paint
6. Never Deny You
7. 76 met Pebbles
8. Four met Marcus Wyatt
9. What You Got For Me?
10. She Spirit Fancies
11. Welcome
12. Chameleon
13. People Of The Light met Pebbles

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2014 06 01 - Park Acoustics Jack Daniel's: Fourth Birthday: presents St. Lucia (USA), Jack Daniel's Main Stage: Half 'n Half, The December Streets, The Brother Moves On, Tumi, Al Bairre, Jeremy Loops, St. Lucia, Acoustics Stage: City Horses, Phosphene, Touch Wood, Bye Beneco, Float Parade, Coelacanth, Chill Zone Stage: Kid Robot, Hawkword, The Watermark High, DJ Danger Ingozi, Jakobsnake, Felix Laband, Funktion One Electronica Stage: Michael Lesar, Liver, Sibot & Toyota, Sunset Comedy Stage: Mel Miller, Martin Davies, Sifiso Nene, Voortrekker Monument, 11:00, R200, R250, - MTV - Park Acoustics - Voortrekkermonument - Brent Black - GAP

2010 11 28 - Park Acoustics: Allan John, The December Streets, No One's Arc, Tumi (ft. Richard, Alex, Franco from Isochronous and Peach from Yesterday's Pupil), Pretoria National Botanical Garden, 12:30, R60 - KWV - Park Acoustics - Vesco

2010 10 05 - Bittereinder "'n Ware Verhaal" Album Landswyd Beskikbaar: Inge Beckmann, Jack Parow, Sev Statik, Tumi Molekane, Richard Brokensha, Tim Beumers -

2010 09 19 - Park Acoustics: SoulJah, Aanklank, Voodoo Child, Tumi & The Volume, Pretoria National Botanical Garden, 13:00, R60 - TuksFM - Hot Box - Vesco

2006 12 06 - Kit A Kid 4 School Live Concert: BVK - Brasse Vannie Kaap, Rudimentals, Rogue State Alliance, Godessa, Black Noise, Tumi (of Tumi & The Volume), DJ Papercut, Claire Phillips, Insense In Stereo & many more... Hosted by Oscar Peterson & David Isaacs (Joe Barber), Mercury Live, Cape Town, 21:00, Donations

2005 02 12 - Rage for The Revolution: Kallitz, Bed On Bricks, Hog Hoggidy Hog, Nine, Godessa, Tumi And The Volume, Karen Zoid, Springbok Nude Girls, Fokofpolisiekar, African Dope Sound System with MCs Ready D & Mr. Fat, The Castle, CT - -

2004 08 06-09 - OPPIKOPP10: 16Stitch, 340ml, Ashton Nyte, Band O Gypsys, Battery 9, Bed On Bricks, Brixton Moord En Roof Orkes, Boo!, Buckfever Underground, Dan Patlansky en die Mississippi Muthers, David Foster, Delta Blue, Fake Leather Blues Band, Fokofpolisiekar, Freshlyground, Gert Vlok Nel, Gordon's Suitcase, Greg Georgiades en Hasjis Joshi, Jack Hammer, Jo Day, Karen Zoid, Karma, Kobus!, Koos Kombuis, Laurinda Hofmeyr, Liela Groenewald, Loose Cannon, Mesadoth, MXO, Nine, Piet Planter, Prime Circle, Riku Lätti, SHU, Springbok Nude Girls, Soil 7T7, Squeal, Sugardrive, The Narrow, Tidal Waves, Tumi & The Volume, Corné & Twakkie van "The Most Amazing Show", Tyburn, Valiant Swart, Van der Want / Letcher, Wickhead, Wonderboom, Northam, PTA -

2004 02 06-08 - Savanna Up The Creek Festival 2004: Arno Carstens' New Porn, Freshly Ground, Rudimentals, Flat Stanley, Delta Blue, Godessa, Albert Frost Trio, Happyfourtwenty, Boulevard Blues Band, Tumi & The Volume, Moodphase5ive, Wonderboom, Bed On Bricks, Jack Hammer, DNA Strings, Fokofpolisiekar, Hog Hoggidy Hog, African Rhythm Travellers, Breakfast Included, Comedy (Dave Levinsohn, Cokey Falkow, Alan Adams, Chris Forrest, The Most Amazing Show, Breede Rivier, Swellendam

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